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Yes yes. I know. I haven’t posted anything for more than a month. It’s a very complicated month for me but it’s good that everything’s settled so here I am again, sharing random thoughts about the world as I see it. Anyhow, thanks for those who are emailing me, you know who you are guys)

After a very long wait, I am finally sharing this chronicle about my vacation in Bangkok, Thailand last June. I’ll be sharing a visual post so please spare me if you think it’s too long. 🙂

While at Changi Terminal 2:

I am very fond of planes so when I was almost at the boarding gate, seeing the tarmac, i captured some photos of different carriers near our gate.



MYANMAR AIRWAYS INTERNATIONAL with another airline at the back:



So me and my travel buddy, Ann, left Singapore past 5pm and arrived in Bangkok around 7pm, local time. We needed to ride a shuttle from the tarmac to the arrival gate because *INSERT REASON HERE* i have no idea. Good thing that when we arrived, cabs and travel companies doing tours can be easily spotted. Since we’re playing the tourist-adventurous game and I felt like Dora the Explorer that time, booked a reservation for a full city tour around Bangkok the following day. After that, we traveled around 45 minutes to our hotel and man, it was not what I’ve expected: It’s waaaay good than how the place look in pictures. It’s called Furama Xclusive-Sathorn along Silom Road, between Chong Nonsi and Sala Daeng MRT station. It’s not as five-star-ish like the MBS, but hey, for a three-star hotel, it’s not bad. Okay, that’s an understatement. Here are some clicks:

After dropping our things and after enjoying how beautiful our room is, we went to a Siam Square to search for dinner. We rode a TUKTUK:

Ended up eating at this noodle house named, well, NOODLE HOUSE:

The following day, we woke up early to go to the nearby market before preparing for our afternoon tour. Here are some snapshots:

It was actually funny coz the time we went there, it’s election season. I was surprised to see election posters like these:

I found out later that day that these posters are from an anti-government group asking people not to vote. Funny way to put it. 🙂

So for our afternoon tour, we went first to the TEMPLE OF THE GOLDEN BUDDHA. Was too busy taking pictures and forgot what our tour guide is telling us about this buddha. One thing I remembered: IT IS OLD. LOL


Here’s a shot of the entire figure:

And these are the inscriptions on the foot. John told us something about the meaning of the inscriptions but again, I was too amazed to listen.

Here’s John, the tour guide by the way,

They also have this jars of coins. The mechanics: you need to buy 20THB worth of coins and then put it one by one to this 113 jars (im not sure) and then you’re supposed to make a wish after. Well I dont see any harm in trying so we tried it.

After that, we explored the area to see well, more buddha figures!

There’s even a spot where there are ancient teachings on how to do Thai Massage:

What I just love about the place is how the palace grounds made me feel. I felt im in their ancient civilization-or something to that effect.

Here are more photos of the place:



I know it’s a bit late for NY resolutions but nothings too late if you want to change for the better. For the past few days, I’ve been thinking about what my life will be this year and how I will achieve it. I’ve thought of big and not-so-big things. But hey, if you want something, you have to do steps (even small ones) to achieve your goal right? So here goes.

This year, I am planning to do the following:

•Get a tattoo. Planning to have one but haven’t decided where. I’m keloid-prone so I’m still thinking twice. Tatts mean no blood donations for the next two years. I can live with that. Here are my options, however, these are not the exact tattoos I am getting:

o Tattoo on my back

o Mercury tattoo on my ankles

o Stars behind my left ear

o Tribal tats on my left arm

•Enroll on my planned Graduate Degree. I was planning to save for a Master’s degree. I really wanna teach soon so I think I better start planning ahead. So why not start this year right? Here are the options I’m looking at:




•Go to at least two countries. Planning (again) to visit the following countries (at least two of them):
o Taiwan. Visit my mom. After sixteen years of living in Taipei, I think it’s about time for me to visit her.

o Indonesia. Go to Batam and/or Bali. Beach. Beach Beach Beach.

o USA. Go there to visit my mom’s best friend in New York.

o Thailand. Bangkok Bangkok Bangkok.

•Plan the personal business carefully before jumping to projects. This statement says it all.

•Reach my work’s requirements with at least 150% ROI. So far, pitches are going well so hopefully, things go according to plan.

Well, these are just small plans and as much as possible, will reach them all one by one. It’s a good thing that you have goals so that you have a guide on what you want to achieve. I can do this! :))