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I’ll get over the feeling one day
Today, later or tomorrow maybe.
Once I get the love I deserve,
Once I found what’s meant for me

Leave the pain, the sorrow
then move on with the past
Used to regret the memory
Now all I want is what’ll last

Once believed in us
What’s there, dreams we wished to be.
Now that you’re gone, you left,
All the feelings come undone for me.

The truth might hurt me now
But one day you’ll see
I’ll get over you and forget what was never we.

When all else fail, I wont.

But I did: to myself.

Words flow inevitably but the right things dont fit coz something’s missing.

I did everything; searched for it, fought for it, but to my demise.
Maybe it wasn’t meant for me, I said.

I tried to be better than everyone but realized im doing it for all the wrong reasons: I should’ve been better for myself.

oh love.

When was the last time you took a chance?

A chance to spend time with your love.
A chance to move on a little further with your relationship.
Or even a chance to say you like someone?

You never had the chance?

Regret is one of the hardest things in life.
It is a result of not trying, not taking a chance.

We are all given the chance with things: it’s up to us to step up, to do the next move. But somethings we fear so much that instead of taking the risk, we give up even without fighting for it. We let it go that easily because of the fear of rejection, the fear of losing. But what we do not realize is that it’s the fear of not trying that will scare us the most, eventually.

Why are we so afraid of taking chances with love even though we’re given the right things to start with? SIMPLE. We are afraid that if we succeed with the chance given to us, that we might not be able to live up to what we have fought for in the first place. WRONG. Taking a chance is already a success wrapped with an invisible ribbon. You just need to know how to untie the ribbon, how to remove the layers so in the end, we will be able to enjoy what’s inside this gift; a love worth the chance you took.

I’m writing this coz I want to take a chance with someone. I may not be the perfect guy, but I will try to be close to what he’s looking for. Distance might be something we need to fight against, but hey, we’re still under the same sky. I’m not saying I want him now, at this very moment, but I want to take the risk of saying I want to know him more, and I want to start now. I’m taking a risk, errmm, a chance, coz I think we have a chance.



What is it in a brand that we sometimes make it a first priority when buying something.

Most of the people I know are brand conscious. Louis Vuitton here, Louboutin there, Prada everywhere.

Most of the time, we buy it just because of the name, because it looks nice, not because it’s built to last.

Then comes my thought about how this seems similar with relationships. Why are some people more concerned about how someone appeal to them physically and sometimes take for granted those who love them more than anything in the world. Is this how superficial relationships have become?

When i was still in my experimental teen years, Im a hypocrite if I say physical appearance did not matter for
me, it did, in one point of our life (or in some cases, most or all parts of their life). But as i grow old, i realize there is more to relationships than just physical attraction. But why are most people still stuck on their experimental stage? And you’ll ask what the freakin hell is wrong with you?

This, most of the time, is the answer why most of us feel not contented, the reason why most relationships fail. Coz we are not contented, we look for more, just like a brand that changes their line every season. But hey, do we realize its wrong? I bet my arse most of us do not.


On the other hand, there are some who are blessed to find the perfect fit of stilletoes for them. I am more than happy for these people. They are the ones who are contented with what they have, have learned to appreciate their better half, no matter which season it is. I salute you people.

After writing this, i realized, am I still left on my experimental stage? Do i really prefer someone who will just look good beside me or do I choose someone who will last?

And then I will ask, in this brand conscious world of relationships, which brand are you?



I know a guy who’s 21. He’ll turn 22 this year but believe it or not, he can say straight to anyone’s face that he has been through lotsa things: love wise.

It’s not everyday that you meet someone who was forced to grow up because he chose to live independently, away from all the good things in life, away from most people. No he didn’t went meditating on the mountains and stuffs like that. He just gave himself a safe distance from the people who love him. The reason? he’s afraid to get hurt. Some might say it’s stupid but it’s his own way of self preservation.

He’s afraid that giving up even a little part of him to these people will make them like him and ironically, after the drill, he assumes he’ll be hurt by them. He doesn’t know if it’s karma or whatever, but things can go awfully wrong most of the time for him.

I know he’s been through 3 serious relationships and of all this relationships, he’s always the one left hurting. I even see him staring on blank space sometimes. I know he’s lonely but I cant do anything to help.

What I like about him is that he never played with the three magic words. He doesn’t say it unless he mean it. So I know that the people whom he said these words to really felt love from him. I’ve been waiting for him to say those words to me, but I think that’s what he always forget. To say I love you to me. I know he does.

Honestly? He’s not bad looking, not that good looking either, I can say he’s average. But he believes that it’s the personality that comes first above anything. What good can a fair skin buff guy do if he treats you bad or if he cheats on you? He’d rather stay with someone who’ll be with him through the bad times rather than someone who’ll stay during good times but will leave him hanging on his worst.

I love his sense of humor. I love how he handles himself in public. I love how he speaks with people and how he makes them feel special. I love the piercing on his ears, his recognizable smile. But what I love most about him, is that he can write this post without even dropping a tear. 🙂


(I’m flirting with him. We’re having an eye to eye contact)

YES. Those are the words I’ve heard from my mom. She’s finally a lady. Congratulations MOM! Hahaha. No seriously, not what I’ve expected.

[DISCLAIMER: My Mom and Pop are still together. It’s just sometimes, I allow my mom to go out with other guys. Hahahah. And these are all friendly dates, just for her to meet new acquaintances.]

My mom has been working her butt out in Taipei since i don’t know, I was in first grade I think? And she gets to visit us once or twice every three years. But that didn’t stopped me from being close to hear. In fact she was the first person in the family to know I am a bisexual. It’s funny though. When I told her on a phone call years back: “Mom, feeling ko gusto ko din ng lalaki” (“Mom, I think I like guys too”) her response was very unexpected. She told me: “Okay lang yan, bibilhan ba kita ng mga damit pambabae?” (“That’s okay. Do you want me to buy girl’s clothes for you?”) I was like: “OF COURSE NOT!”. I don’t have anything against cross dressers but it’s just not my cup of tea. And YES. You’ve read it right. Not the typical mother and son conversation. And that even made us closer in more ways than one.

I can still remember some of the moments we shared together.

*You, hitting me when I was four because I bitch-fitted about going to Jollibee. Hey, I can still remember the whole story: You promised me that we’ll go to Jollibee if I sleep that afternoon. Well, I slept but you said we weren’t going anymore when I woke up. That explains the bitch fitting.

*Me, stealing from Auntie Phine’s coin bank and transferring the stolen coins to my bank. But conniving you figured out what I was doing since all of the money on my coin bank was all rounded peso coins (that’s all I can save back then) and you were surprised to see tons of 2-peso coins on my bank. Stupid me didn’t realized that. Yes, I was hurt by the slipper you used to hit me.

*You, crying on my shoulder when you were lost on your way to my dorm in college. That was actually my fault, I asked you to go there. But hey, I was able to pick you up, two hours after, that is.

*You, liking Patrick Starr because I told you I like him so much. You even bought Patrick Starr collectibles for me even if I told you that you don’t need to.

*You, learning how to text, a decade after texting was invented, Last year (2010) that is. The first text I’ve received from you: “Nak kamusta na? I hope you’re doing well with your work.” (“Son, how are you? I hope you’re doing well with your work.”)

*Your monthly phone bills that are waaaaay over your budget because I always give you a call to tell you to call me because I need to tell you updates on my love life.

*You asking how my boyfriend is doing even without me telling you about him. You’ll always know what to say: EVEN IF I AM NOW SINGLE.

I love my mom. I super love her. She’s the most selfless person I know.

I know you couldn’t read this, but by the time you learn how to surf the net, please visit my blog, read this and say: “I LOVE YOU TOO, PEP” even without me hearing.