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Posted: January 26, 2011 in JUST ME
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I was surprised earlier today when an unknown number called me. I answered it and was informed by a male voice that he has a parcel for me. I was puzzled what the package is since I didn’t order anything. Much to my surprise, it was from my mom:

I was really happy since she told me that she’ll be informing me if it was picked up already. But she didn’t. My mom is the most thoughtful person I know. She wants me to have and try things which she has tried herself, even the little things. You’ll know what I mean after you see the things inside the box.

The box has these:

New Lativ Shirts:

and 2 pairs of shorts:

some snacks:

and a can of veggie snack (which actually looks like a bottle-full of petrified veggies)

Noodles and Pancit Canton ala Taiwan.

zoom in: her notes:

She sent me these Japanese bracelets too! I think it’s a health bracelet thingy.

She sent me two pairs: a silver and a gold one. It’s a bracelet with a ring.

It also has an authenticity card which is really cool.

Of all the things inside the box, this is actually what I am looking for: my ITCH MEDICINE.

I’ve itches all over my body because of my allergy. I tried looking for it here in Singapore but I cant find any. So I asked her to send me 2 boxes but she sent me more than what I’ve asked from her. I looooove my mom.

Wanna know how sweet she is? I told her I love Patrick Starr sooo much, she sent me this Spongebob and Patrick Calendar.

And since she can’t find any Patrick Starr pen, she sent me this instead:

Isn’t she the sweetest? Oh, some photos of her that she sent me. She’s the one in white with the glasses: