Okay okay.
So I missed updating how I was on my second and third week.
Well here I am now.
I’ll be updating y’all on my second week and imma post my third week update tomorrow.

Temptation level: 7/10
Succes rate: 10/10

Most of the days of this week, I stayed at Costa Sands Resort in Pasir Ris (Downtown East) because my former company was here in Singapore for a Psychology Convention so I stayed with them

I actually stayed there for 4 nights. They brought with them 65 students and professors from different universities in the Philippines. It was quite a crowd.

First two nights were okay. I ate cereals, peanut butter jelly sandwich and lots of fruits for these two days. The other meals that I took besides that are just veggies bought on hawker centers.

Was supposed to go on a Mini Cooper event that Wednesday but was not able to attend because I felt sick. But look at their invitation:

On the fourth day, I took some time off from work and joined them on their Universal Studios- Singapore tour. But before that I actually went to a meeting with a client at CLUB SOUL. We’re actually promoting them. Stuffs like that. Later that day at 3 pm, I went to USS to meet my friends. Here are some photos:



I ATE CHILI FRIES (only to realize it has meat but I removed it) WITH THIS DINOSAUR TUMBLER FROM JURASSIC PARK:

Oh noes, I didn’t eat the dino’s brain. 🙂

BEST BOYFRIEND? how come? I’ve been single for quite some time.

Of course, they wouldn’t miss a Photo Opp:




On their last day, we went to MALAYSIA! 🙂
It’s my first time going there.

Had coffee at Starbucks

Then had the best massage ever.

(Massage in SG is waaaaay expensive, S$40 an hour, that’s about Php1,400. So at the sight of this heavenly massage chair, I instantly put my hand inside my pocket and reached for some Ringgit. MYR 1 can give you 3 minutes of massage so I sat and had 9 minutes 🙂 MYR 3, not bad:) best money spent ever!

After that, we ate at a Korean BBQ Restaurant. It was a Korean buffett. They all ate meat while I enjoyed myself with prawns and other seafoods. NO MEAT? SUCCESS! 🙂

Well, that concludes my second week.


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‘Corrective rape’, the vicious practice of raping lesbians to ‘cure’ their sexuality, is a crisis in South Africa.

Millicent Gaika, pictured above, was bound, strangled, and repeatedly raped in an attack last year. But brave South African activists are risking their lives to ensure that Millicent’s case sparks change. Their appeal to the Minister of Justice has exploded to over 140,000 signatures, forcing him to respond on national television.

If enough of us join in to amplify and escalate this campaign, we could help get urgent action to end ‘corrective rape’. Let’s call on President Zuma and the Minister of Justice to publicly condemn ‘corrective rape’, criminalise hate crimes, and lead a critical shift against rape and homophobia.


Let us help them.
Spread the word.


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I was surprised earlier today when an unknown number called me. I answered it and was informed by a male voice that he has a parcel for me. I was puzzled what the package is since I didn’t order anything. Much to my surprise, it was from my mom:

I was really happy since she told me that she’ll be informing me if it was picked up already. But she didn’t. My mom is the most thoughtful person I know. She wants me to have and try things which she has tried herself, even the little things. You’ll know what I mean after you see the things inside the box.

The box has these:

New Lativ Shirts:

and 2 pairs of shorts:

some snacks:

and a can of veggie snack (which actually looks like a bottle-full of petrified veggies)

Noodles and Pancit Canton ala Taiwan.

zoom in: her notes:

She sent me these Japanese bracelets too! I think it’s a health bracelet thingy.

She sent me two pairs: a silver and a gold one. It’s a bracelet with a ring.

It also has an authenticity card which is really cool.

Of all the things inside the box, this is actually what I am looking for: my ITCH MEDICINE.

I’ve itches all over my body because of my allergy. I tried looking for it here in Singapore but I cant find any. So I asked her to send me 2 boxes but she sent me more than what I’ve asked from her. I looooove my mom.

Wanna know how sweet she is? I told her I love Patrick Starr sooo much, she sent me this Spongebob and Patrick Calendar.

And since she can’t find any Patrick Starr pen, she sent me this instead:

Isn’t she the sweetest? Oh, some photos of her that she sent me. She’s the one in white with the glasses:




I was hurt many times before
But I’ve never learned to stop
Because the heart I have
Is a heart that’s true

Though some thought I am not enough
And others think the same
Many can prove the love I have
Are like droplets of the rain,

Because I promise myself that
I’ll never have a broken heart again
That is why I tell myself
Find someone who’ll stay with you til the end
So if I find him, I’ll hold him tight and never let go
And then I’ll never have a broken, Have a broken heart again

My heart was torn into pieces
Many times, not just once
Because I always give it whole
Without even holding back

At first I thought
I was the one at fault.
But realized I am always enough
The problem is, they are just not contented.
So they’ll always leave me hanging..

Just look at me and tell me
What did I do to deserve this?
I am not perfect, but I am real
And that’s what matters…

Dear Readers,

This is actually my first shot in composing a song.
I already have the melody, I just need to find me some instruments 🙂



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Then it wouldn’t be a secret if I tell you.

Ask me anything

637 Cityland 8 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. Makati City 1230 ayan. complete address 🙂

Ask me anything


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PHOTO CREDITS TO Larry Monserate Piojo

I’d give you the continent that’s as big as my love,
But probably the whole world isn’t enough
Because nothing can be compared to what you are.

I’d give you the highest tower in the world
But it still wont be enough
Because you’re the distance to the moon and back.

I’d give you the biggest diamond there is
But it still cant be compared
Because you’re worth more than all crystals and gems.

I can give you everything, everything my love
If only I can, you know I will.

But now, just now, all I can give is my love.

I hope you find it worth more than a diamond, a tower or a continent combined.
Because my love is pure, modest and one of a kind.

This will just be short.

To conclude my first week, finally, me and my friend MEE GORENG finally meet.

After a week of craving for it, yes, finally, I was able to eat it.

WEEK 1 was a SUCCESS!!

My hair color isn’t. haha


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If only you’re here next to me,
Then you don’t need to wonder if we’ll ever be.

If only the distance is meter deep,
Then you’ll know Im yours forever to keep.

If only we can talk every second, every minute, everyday,
Then all the questions will be answered and not just laid.

I want to try, want to love again and not be lonely,
But all I have right now is my IF ONLY.

So DAY 6 it is!
I feel so happy. No really. I’ve never made myself do things I know I can’t do. But this one really gives me a sense of accomplishment. I know it’s not much, but at least for once, I stood up for something.

Had an early breakfast today. Was really craving for Mee Goreng but unfortunately, there are no restaurants serving it near our place at that time. So I ended up eating at the mall. Unfortunately (again) there’s nothing much to choose from. So I just chose this fish fillet (though it might not look like it) and two eggs.

To make up for the almost-not-satisfying food, I bought this honeydew sago which tasted really good.

I thought Im just gonna eat twice today: my early breakfast and a small meal later today. But after going to Bugis Junction, I was tempted to visit my old friend Long John Silver. And here’s what he served me:

POTATOES and CHIPS and a serving of POTATO SALAD.

Yes friends, I am now officially MR POTATO MAN. geez. Potatoes give me the energy I need for the day. The Fries and Chips of Mr. Silver is delish. My favorite snack actually.

Since Im kinda bored lately, I’ve decided to color my hair. This time? SILVER. So I bought this:


Here’s the AFTER hair.

YES. You’re seeing it right. I can’t distinguish the difference too. Hahaha So goodbye $25. whatta waste. But Imma color it next month to improve the silver effect. I think it’ll look better. Whatcha think?

PS. I was tempted to eat SPAM today. But I won over temptation. Will power much? 🙂 GREAT ME.

Im still sick. On medical leave for two days. Sad sad.

For the past two days, I’ve been eating just brunch plus one small meal at night. Thanks to my friends who are very supportive of me. To the people who are sending me messages and asking me for an update, here it is.

This is what I ate for brunch for this past three days.

DAY 4:
Went to the polyclinic and had a check up with Dr. Hia. After the check up, bought a take out (they call it TAKE AWAY here in SG) meal.

This pack has spicy squid, fried egg, string beans and sauteed potatoes. Yum.

DAY 5:
Had brunch at a hawker center and ordered this egg something. I think it has egg, garlic flakes and sugar. Yeah sugar, coz it tasted sweet. YUMMY.


DAY 4 and 5: SUCCESS! 🙂


Woke up still a little sick. I hate this feeling. But gotta work.
Brunch for today: I actually want to eat Mee Goreng but unfortunately, the restaurant we went to doesn’t serve it until 4pm. Imma try it by tomorrow then.

Geez, i hate it. So ended up eating this vegetable cutlet with fries. Was kinda expensive. My housemate, Ivan told me that I was mugged up because of the price of the food. Hahaha
Look at the restaurant and the bill.

It’s kinda okay.
Didn’t finish the second piece but was able to eat the entire serving of fries. Yum. Anyhow, I wasn’t kinda hungry but look at what Ivan ate:

Food that can feed three people. Hahaha.

Third day, successful! 🙂

If you think that was my breakfast, then you’re right. Potatoes with eggs. It’s not that delicious but my daily carb and protein all came from this meal.

I actually woke up sick today. My friend fever, headache and sore throat visited me. I asked my boss if I can just go to work in the afternoon and rest on the first half of my work. Being kind as she is, even asked me to see a doctor. But I know my body, I just need to rest and I’ll be as strong as a bull again. So I slept til around 2pm. Then everyone was calling my phone and was asking me to do some work. So I bathed and prepare for werk. Honestly, Im still not feeling okay. But the workaholic me decided to step in and work.

Was able to compile everything for the magazine’s website (draft). And do some touch ups for some photos and articles. Around 5pm, my friend Ann, went to the office and waited for me to finish work. Our plan? Go out and dine at the restaurant I’ve always wanted to try since I saw it on my first day of jogging: VegSenz at The Verge.

Here’s how the facade looks like:

The place is kinda big but we were the only customers when we came (two more groups arrived after). Good thing a Filipina was working there so she assisted us with what’s good on the menu. Unfortunately, I was not able to take her photo. Thanks btw Ate Beverly.

While waiting for the food, camwhore me decided to take some pictures of us and the menu.

My friend Ann (we call each other Sichi)

Some menu I am planning on ordering next visit:

And of course, a distorted image of me:

So after several minutes of waiting, our order arrived.


A healthy combination of rotini pasta in fresh tomato sauce with fresh vegetables. Yes, everything’s fresh.

Here’s my vegetable burger. They call it Organic Portabello Burger.

A big shiitake mushroom, beets, red radish and some other stuffs sandwiched in a very tasty and crunchy whole grain bun. It also has potato slices with turmeric (i think) which would actually taste better if there’s mayonnaise.

I also ordered a Bean Curd Roll:

It tasted like Lumpiang Ubod in the Philippines. It’s really delicious but it’s also expensive.

Halfway through the meal, we were already full, surprisingly. Ate Beverly told us that the shop will be open only until the end of January. Sad. I haven’t tried everything yet and they’re closing? No. Hahaha

So whoever said that vegetarian food ain’t delicious haven’t really tasted REAL vegetarian food. DELISH!


As promised, I’ve started my 30 Day Commitment into eating anything but meat.
Preparing for this day wasn’t actually hard. I’ve skipped meat meals and I’ve had greens as substitue to some meals.

Brunch: I ate Tuna-topped half cup rice. (Yeah, from now on, the foods I’ll be posting here are self-made names)

I tried thinking that it’s delish and surprisingly, it was. Like my very first taste of tuna. Smooth, spicy, very scrumptious, appetizing, and yeah, stop exaggerating, got it. It’s kinda good honestly.

Around 3pm, we’re quite jam-packed at the office. Some of my bosses went out and bought foods for us. Everyone’s ordering meat and chicken: from a fast food. Well hey, I want food from KFC too! So I ordered fries. Cheesy fries that is. Thanks Lynn. 🙂 First sin of the day.

Since we received our pay today, the guys and I went out on a budget shop. Where else to go? Chinatown. The rain didn’t stop us from looking around. I just wondered if the name of the place is still Chinatown because every establishment has a group of Caucasians, dining, buying and looking. What happened? Hahaha

So anyhow, I was able to find this:

An arm band so I can bring with me my phone when I am jogging. Adidas sells it for $45. Bought this one for $20. Nice deal right? It’s not branded but my keen observation says the difference is just the logo. So I bought it.

I bought this too. A Singapore name card holder so I can put my name cards in a decent stack.

What’s great about this name card holder, is that it comes with this:

A FREE NAILCUTTER! Where in the world can you find a deal better than this? HAHAHAHA. And that’s not all! It is a nailcutter-slash-can opener! Now beat that! Hahaha. No, kidding aside, Im just kinda goofy today, given my frustration.

Oh, before our budget shopping, we actually went to this place in Ann Siang Hill called Le Carllion for a hiatus. It’s a French Bistro with a very relaxing ambiance.

We ate Croque Monsieur and since it has ham on it, I just ate the salad and the bread on top with cheese.

What I like most about the place is the ambiance. The first floor actually is a fine bistro but what’s hidden one floor down is a very cozy sanctuary. This place actually gave me an idea on how to build my house. We even played a round of 8-ball.

I will kill to have this kind of space in my house. (Calling all friendly architects =] )

So after 3 hours of walking under the rain, we decided to come home wet. BBBrrrr it’s cold.



PS. Im planning to try this Vegetarian place at The Verge tomorrow. It’s called VegSenz. I hope they’re serving delish stuffs. Will keep you updated.

I’ve watched several videos from PETA (Go Green and Meet your Meat).
Well, it kinda sent me a signal. It hit me: I have got to do it.

But let me clear things first: I can’t do it overnight. I know I can do it, but not in a very fast pace.
First, I do not eat beef, turkey, mutton and pig insides so the next thing for me to get rid off is pork and chicken. Seriously, thinking about it, I guess it wouldn’t be that hard for me.

I will be doing this 30-day commitment first and see what the outcome will be. This will start Monday, January 10 and end in February 8. For the first week, I can (but doesn’t mean I have to) eat processed meat. Again, I can’t do this overnight. But second week, going forward, no meat at all. I will be Pesco-Vegan. I can still eat fish, seafood, eggs, and milk products as well as plant-based foods. I just need to find different non-meat meals so the nutrients I need from the food I am getting rid of will have substitutes. I can do this.


I need your support! 🙂


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If any of you guys in the Philippines know where I could find and buy this planner, please give me a buzz.

Saw this on Mitch Dulce’s blog.

I’d kill to have one. 🙂
Please Please Please.


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I realized that my 2010 Resolution was mainly a TO-DO List. Let me correct that this 2011.
But let me first check how much I’ve accomplished last year based on my to-do list.

1. save MORE. SPEND less.
>PASSED. I’ve saved something.

>FAILED. I just made plans but nothing was put into action. I hope this 2011, I can.

>PASSED with FLYING COLORS.  I’ve gained lotsa friends this year. And I can say most of them are friends who’ll stay.

>PASSED. I’ve never been this dedicated with work. My Verizon family helped me a lot.

>DRASTIC FAIL. Don’t wanna talk about this.

>PASSED. Joined Eat Bulaga’s Pinoy Henyo with a friend last April. Here’s the link: PINOY HENYO

>FAILED. Went out just once: Singapore to werk.

>PASSED. Well, I’ve focused more on my career and myself. So I’m very confident that I’ve passed this.

>PASSED. I’ve bought some books, yeah.

>IDK. Frustrated about this.


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Dear You-know-who,


I’ve been wanting to tell you this since forever. I’ve never requested or opened up about this to you because I know that if you feel that it’s the right time, you will wholeheartedly give it to me without second thoughts. But this time, I feel like I really deserve it. I really really deserve it.

Okay, here goes: I NEED A BOYFRIEND.

Let me explain. I am a believer of love, monogamy and relationships. I know that the love that I have now, is overflowing. Special people in my life already have their fair share: my friends, family and colleagues. But the love I am talking about which I have in my heart has been here for quite a long time and it’s already becoming dormant. I dont want that to happen and I hope you feel the same.

Yes, I’ve been through some rough relationshits way back. I’ve been dumped, been lied to, been hurt badly. But the love that I have in my heart remains the same. You know what I mean. I just want to share it to someone who will appreciate it, will take care of it and will give me more or the same amount of love I am giving him. I hope I am not asking too much. It’s just that I think that it’s not love unless it’s true, unless it’s selfless.

Been there, done that. I’ve been tricked by fools who showed me love. But they were all untrue, selfish love. And it’s always late for me to realize and I always end up losing.

You see, I dont want just anyone. I want someone real, someone who can stay with me for better or worse. I don’t want him to catch a bullet for me, I just want him to stay by my side as I endure life’s pain. I dont need for him to be perfect, a sane mind who can catch up with my insanities is a perfect candidate.

As I write this letter, I know that it’s quite hard to get all of this in one guy. But I know through you, everything is possible. If you can’t answer my prayers, just give me better gifts of understanding and patience. But If you can, there’s no need for him to be in gold wrappers or big ribbons: just let me feel it. For when it’s true and selfless, I would know.

I will love him with all my heart and hypothalamus, but I will still love you more.


After 17 years of waiting, pretty Mr. Charming arrived. It’s not the kiss nor his looks that made me awake. There’s nothing in this world that I would not give, in exchange for that thumbathumping feeling in the left.


One day, Mr. Charming lurked into the woods where met a wolf. The wolf liked him and asked if he could give the wolf a smooch. The wolf promised that if Mr. Charming would give in, she will be transformed into a lovely little lovely princess. Because of his being uuhhmmm.. what’s the term? [FLIRT! FLIRT! FLIRT!] Ah, kind! Yes! Because of his being kind, he let the wolf satisfy herself. [Bloods rush. sweat came out, so is the fluid.] and POOF! As promised, the wolf turned into a little… uuuhhh.. princess? lovely? RUMPLETILTSKIN! Having high standards, Rumple asked for his name (which unfortunately, he does not know because I was the only one who’s supposed to know his name). With nothing to answer, Mr. Charming rushed into the middle of the forest.

Several days passed, without food, without water, without dress [OOPPS! I am not supposed to tell that!] He found a refuge, a little shack that sheltered seven dwarves he started calling FREAKS. All’s well in his stay. Not until one day when Happy tried to harrass him under the beanstalk. Because of that, he left the house and tried searching his way out.


do you know how to touch a girl?

Is that song familiar? YES.

If you want me so much, first I have to know..


Mr. Charming traced the way from where the voice was coming. THERE HE FOUND ME: sleeping inside an egg-inspired fortress, just a window for me to breathe. Unconsciously, I throwed my legendary hair for him to be able to climb up. [FYI this is a defamiliarization: imagine what I’ve given up for him]

On his way up, gaga-me stopped him. I had a better idea. I cut my hair and tied it. It was me who rappelled down.

Because of my stupidity, I looked foolish when I was out of my fortress a.k.a. my prison cell. My hair- almost gone bald. My dress- ripped. My skin- bruised. But with all might, he embraced me. We kissed passionately. From that moment, I am pretty sure that he loves me despite the ugliness in me.

After 17 years of waiting, pretty Mr. Charming arrived. It’s not the kiss nor his looks that made me awake. There’s nothing in this world that I would not give, in exchange for that thumbathumping feeling in the left.


Mr. Charming introduced me to his family. It was a masquerade ball for all royalties. Unfortunately, when the clock strike 12, I rushed into the door where my flying carpet was waiting. Because of Charming, I have no more Aladdin nor another knight-in-shining-armor: It was him that I need. But at that time, I just have to leave. And I know that I will return. I know he will look for me. I know he’ll search the whole world. BUT…

I’ve waited so long for him to find me. I intentionally left my shoe that night. I was wrong.

After 17 years of waiting, pretty Mr. Charming arrived. It’s not the kiss nor his looks that made me awake. There’s nothing in this world that I would not give, in exchange for that thumbathumping feeling in the left.


In an all princess’ ball, I’ve met several princesses who was linked with Mr. charming, my Charming, my LOVE. I tried to hide the feeling, that F*CKIN’ FEELING. It over-dwell in me. I can’t stop it! [Oh c’mon! I LOVE YOU! Isn’t it obvious? I have never loved the way I am doing it now!] Still, no sign of freakin Charming.

After 17 years of waiting, pretty Mr. Charming arrived. It’s not the kiss nor his looks that made me awake. There’s nothing in this world that I would not give, in exchange for that thumbathumping feeling in the left.


Then one day, Mr. Charming showed up.

with BEAST.


This is a repost from my hacked blogsite.
Originally written by me 2:05am June 24th 2007.