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Para sa mga banyagang puro dada, puso satsat, wala namang gawa
Kumilos ka muna bago ka kumutata
Kung tingin mo sa lahi ko ay panay alipin at timawa
Magisip kang muli kaibigan, gamitin ang pinagaralan.

Akoy muling sumusulat, kailangan ninyo kasing mamulat
Na kaming mga Pinoy, hindi tarantado lahat
Alam naming may mali sa pamamalakad, sa bansa naming ubod sadsad
Pero pinipilit naming bumangon, ibinabalik ang pangarap noon.

Ang bawat tingin niyo sa’miy saksak, para bang ako’y isa lang palasak
Nagkakamali ka ng pagkakakilanlan, ako din nama’y mabuting kaibigan.
Tingin ng iba ninyo sa ami’y salot, mangaagaw ng trabaho, ang iba, haliparot.
Opinyon niyo yan, hindi ko kayo pipigilan, pero ngayon, makinig kayo, bunganga ko naman.

Mura man ang bayad sa serbisyo namin, hindi ibig sabihin, kami’y tamad na rin.
Tingin niyo ba, pipili ang mga kumpanya ng taong hindi angkop sa posisyon niya?
Nakikita niyo kasi inaagawan namin kayo ng trabaho, paano kayo uusad, eh puro kayo reklamo?
Tanggalin ang mga banyaga sa inyong bansa, sa tingin niyo, kayo’y giginhawa?
Puros kayo dada, wala namang gawa, panay ang tunganga tapos maninira?
Dyan kayo magaling, sarap niyong itali sa baging.

Sa tuwing makikita niyo kaming nagmamagaling, kalimitan, totoo naman din.
Kung ikukumpara sa inyo, aba, oo.
Paano, ang inyong talino, walang kasamang respeto.
Kayo na ang magaling, kayo na ang mayaman, kami naman ay sanay sa kahirapan.
Kaya naming mabuhay sa kamatis at tuyo, hindi tulad ninyong ang nais lamang, bulsa’y mapuno.
Sa inyong palagay, kapag ang inyong bansa ay biglang humandusay, kanino kayo muling tatakbo, hindi ba sa aming inyong mga kapitbahay?

Madami pa akong bala sa inyong mga banyaga, pero hanggang dito na muna ang aking pagpuna.
Baka naman kapag ako’y kumutata pa, bukas, ako’y damputin na sa rehas.

Maybe why?

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I’m longing for your skin to touch mine.
I wonder why I’m still here;

Maybe, I’m
Hoping all this hurt’s gonna end
That I can genuinely smile soon

Maybe, if
You and I are together
That we’ll be happy forever

Maybe, then
Only then, will I
Feel complete and contented

Maybe, but
it’s just a maybe.

Maybe not.

When all else fail, I wont.

But I did: to myself.

Words flow inevitably but the right things dont fit coz something’s missing.

I did everything; searched for it, fought for it, but to my demise.
Maybe it wasn’t meant for me, I said.

I tried to be better than everyone but realized im doing it for all the wrong reasons: I should’ve been better for myself.

oh love.

I just want to speak up. I know I’m just one voice, I know but heck, I’ll still do my part. If you’re not interested, just move on with your life, I ain’t stopping you. But if you decide to read on and has something to say, then yes, by all means, please comment and share your sentiments. And Rants.

Dear Madam Congresswoman,

How are you?

I hope you’re feeling better so you can face the consequences of your evil-doings. Well, it’s not only the administration who want you behind bars; people living in poverty, people whose family members died because of you, those who accepted election-cash and regret what they did eventually, those who suffered from your administration’s tyranny, let’s say, almost everyone madam, your ex-colleagues included, want the same.

I may not be entirely knowledgeable about the law but I am feeling that there’s something right happening. I salute Secretary de Lima for doing what she thinks is right, even at the expense of her career. She got enough balls so no, Attorney Topacio, we don’t need yours, thank you.

This has opened up different views and issues, specially the ones that your camp is making when in fact, the real issue has gone waaaay behind. What Im trying to say is, it’s not about your Right to Travel or your Right to get ample medical treatment anymore, it’s about you facing trial from what you did, it’s about the Right of every Filipino who have suffered from your government’s oppression. It’s payback time madam.

I can still remember the time when you’re newly appointed, I was a big supporter. I even argue with my friends who badmouth about you. I guess we all make mistakes.

When you left your throne I knew you’ll do whatever it takes to get it back. I know you are trying your best. Parliamentary system? Cha-cha? Didn’t work, right? And when your supporters felt that you’re losing grip, and that the power is shifting, well, madam, where’s their loyalty now? You see, it’s not always about you, sometimes, we will reach a point where it’s a dead end and there’s nothing we can do but face what we’re running from. In your case? It’s the law maam.

I salute your PR team for covering for you for the last couple of years but madam, they can only do so much. I pity Bautista-Horn coz I believe she’s a great asset but unfortunately, she’s on the wrong side of the fence. Yesterday, it’s a bone-problem, today, it’s colitis, what’s for tomorrow? Cancer? HIV? I dunno, I’m just wishfully thinking. You know, as someone who has studied public relations, I have the idea what your people needs to do: cover up for you. But there’s one problem madam, the more sickness and loopholes they say this issue has, the more they create, the bigger credibility you and your team is losing. So think again. And your (READ: PAID) supporters who picket outside St. Luke? WHO THE HELL ARE YOU KIDDING?

Im so sorry I voted for you, one of the worst mistakes I did. But even If I didn’t, I know you have your ways to win. I’m just hoping for the Filipino people (and the government) not to give up getting the truth out, to give what’s due to you, to put you behind bars. You have your rights, what about ours? Well, after all, it’s our rights that were violated first.

Enjoy your remaining time being a free-woman. The clock is ticking.

Regretfully yours,

When was the last time you took a chance?

A chance to spend time with your love.
A chance to move on a little further with your relationship.
Or even a chance to say you like someone?

You never had the chance?

Regret is one of the hardest things in life.
It is a result of not trying, not taking a chance.

We are all given the chance with things: it’s up to us to step up, to do the next move. But somethings we fear so much that instead of taking the risk, we give up even without fighting for it. We let it go that easily because of the fear of rejection, the fear of losing. But what we do not realize is that it’s the fear of not trying that will scare us the most, eventually.

Why are we so afraid of taking chances with love even though we’re given the right things to start with? SIMPLE. We are afraid that if we succeed with the chance given to us, that we might not be able to live up to what we have fought for in the first place. WRONG. Taking a chance is already a success wrapped with an invisible ribbon. You just need to know how to untie the ribbon, how to remove the layers so in the end, we will be able to enjoy what’s inside this gift; a love worth the chance you took.

I’m writing this coz I want to take a chance with someone. I may not be the perfect guy, but I will try to be close to what he’s looking for. Distance might be something we need to fight against, but hey, we’re still under the same sky. I’m not saying I want him now, at this very moment, but I want to take the risk of saying I want to know him more, and I want to start now. I’m taking a risk, errmm, a chance, coz I think we have a chance.


The public knows about the current situation of some countries in the Middle East. Egypt, Sudan and now, Libya. I loathe people who worship power so much that they do not care what the consequences are as long as they remain in power. And yes, I am talking about Mubarak and Gaddafi.

However, my concern is not about what is happening back there, but it’s about the people who are affected by this crisis, my Filipino countrymen in particular.

Dear Department of Foreign Affairs,

I don’t have the full story but what I’ve heard from the news today is that you’re giving every OFW that was sent back to the Philippines from Libya Php 10,000.00 (est. US $230). WOW. That’s way too much, dont you think? After the months/ years of hardwork? After sending millions in dollars of remittances, after paying monthly dues and taxes to the Philippine government? Php 10,000.00? You must be kidding. Government offices are spending millions in luxury cars, luxury meals and other luxuries while the only luxury my fellow countrymen have are their lives. They are working their butts off 24/7 away from their family because the government can’t give the people enough jobs.

I think you’re being unfair. My fellow OFWs signed a contract with the hope of getting hard-earned cash by the time they finish their terms. Is this another lapse that you overlooked that it’s not their fault that the country where they’re working at is at the brink of war? And how true is it that while the aids from other countries meet their fellowmen with food, clothes and things to soothe themselves, my countrymen weren’t even given water? Is this how you treat them? Us? Last year, 53.7% of the Philippine income came from the service sector which includes us, OFWs. If you think they deserved how you treated them, well think again. I pity my repatriated countrymen, not because they don’t have food to eat or money to bring back home but because they were under-appreciated by the government. Don’t you think they deserve more?

Reality check: Php 10,000.00 isn’t enough. Instead of continuing the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee on the investigation on the AFP corruption, why don’t you just give the budget to the repatriates and just put behind bars those obviously caught red-handed? You’ll say that is not fair right? Exactly. Now we’re thinking the same. Don’t you think it’s only fair for these OFWs to be given the amount they’re supposed to get on their contract? Don’t tell me you don’t have any allocated budget for that because you can always ask Garcia how he did what he did. If he can find a way, I think you can too. And mind you, you can do it LEGALLY. But if you think the whole amount of the contract is still too big, well, how about 50%? or 25%? Whichever amount you think is deserved by them. Because I’m pretty sure that the work they do for the country is more than the Php 10,000 you are giving them.

Hey, this is just something to think about. But if you say that that’s the only amount you can give them, well, I’m just gonna go back to the Philippines, will not pay my taxes and will just kidnap people and do pick-pocketing on the side.


Love is waking up next to the man you know you are going to be with for the rest of your life for the first time

Guy meets guy. Guy likes guy. They had sex then they fell in love. Yes? Might be. Might not.

Everybody has their own perfect love story to tell or is dreaming for one. And yes, I am one of ‘em people. They say nothing is impossible as long as you’re aiming for it. I say do not be in a hurry: move towards it even if it means taking small steps. You’ll get there eventually.

I got the inspiration to write this after running thru my inbox on an APP in my phone. (It’s an application called JACK’D for PLMe) On one message, JUNO K asked me: “Keen?” (this is a Singlish-gay-slang for “INTERESTED?”) I responded: “Yes, care to be friends?” He said: “FUN, CAN?” then I erased his message. You see what’s wrong with the picture? YES. YES. I know. I see it too. BOOTY CALL.

For most of us, me included, sex is a part of our relationship. ADMIT IT. or not. But what I hate about it is that sometimes, gay guys doesn’t even know the fine line between love and sex. Some even substitute one for the other. Which is the part where it gets scary. Some people get hurt and others, worse. So people, OPEN YOUR EYES. BOOTY CALL aint no LOVE CALL.

So going back, where am I? Oh, the love story. Okay.

“Hey close friend, I think I’m in love with you.”

Yeap. You’ve read it right. I believe that most successful relationships are built on friendship. That way, they will be able to get to know each other first before taking it up a notch. After thorough observations, I’ve come up with two types of the friendship-turned-love relationships. Here are two scenarios:

SCENARIO 1: Guy befriends guy wherein he has an ulterior motive besides friendship.

SCENARIO 2: Guy befriends guy because he genuinely wants to be his friend.

With the two scenarios, I think the later will work better. Imagine someone who knows you for who you are, someone who likes your barf, your laugh, the mole on your nose, who picks on you sometimes to love you for all that? That must be some heck’a love. I might be a little exaggerating but I only speak of possibilities. It can happen.

So there’s still hope for me and for PLMe who’s dreaming for the same. We (might) have yet to discover that our love-in-shining-armor is among our friends we go out with most of the time, or someone who’s been there through our down moments. Both of you might not know it yet, but hey, again, it’s not impossible.

For all the single people out there. Just hold on. Just be happy for what we have now. They say you wont be happy in a relationship if you’re not happy being single. Well I am a happy single so whatdaeff? Bring it on, suckers!

I will just be waiting for my love. Ni jiangyao shouhou ni wu lian’ai.

(Spandex group shot by Martin Eden)

So you found out that your ex is hitting on someone you used to go out with? And you were like, whatdaeff? High five! You’re not alone sister.

The gay world is really a small world. You’ll know someone through a friend who’s also friends with your other friend only to find out that he’s your boyfriend’s ex lover. Yes people. That’s how complex our world is. I dont say that this complexity makes it harder for us. But this is actually something that may cause trouble in one way or another.

You may ask, why the rant? Well, I just read this morning from my ex’s profile that he’s been going out with someone I used to date. The dating thing didn’t work for us because he’s too busy with his job and I’m equally busy with school way back. So we decided to just be friends and eventually, we lost contact. That time, when we used to go out, he’s the type of guy who has self-esteem issues. He usually tells me that he doesn’t have much friends that’s why he’s a downer most of the time. But now, he’s turned from a zero-to-a-hero. Yeah, you might see him on television specially during Sundays. And he…. okay. That’s already way too much information.

So going back to what I am saying, it really is a small world for us gays. This way, it’s easy for us to make lotsa friends but it also has its negaperks. Seeing someone who used to be special to you go out with someone the same can be a little weird. And what sucks is that you might feel awkward, jealous, sick, angry, sad, depressed. And imagine yourself feeling that as a single emotion. That’s how weird it is.

If you’re in my situation, what say you?




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‘Corrective rape’, the vicious practice of raping lesbians to ‘cure’ their sexuality, is a crisis in South Africa.

Millicent Gaika, pictured above, was bound, strangled, and repeatedly raped in an attack last year. But brave South African activists are risking their lives to ensure that Millicent’s case sparks change. Their appeal to the Minister of Justice has exploded to over 140,000 signatures, forcing him to respond on national television.

If enough of us join in to amplify and escalate this campaign, we could help get urgent action to end ‘corrective rape’. Let’s call on President Zuma and the Minister of Justice to publicly condemn ‘corrective rape’, criminalise hate crimes, and lead a critical shift against rape and homophobia.


Let us help them.
Spread the word.

Today, I don’t know what hit me.

Was it Marc Nelson’s half naked picture on POSITIVISM’s website?

Was it because I saw Jake Cuenca’s starring on a new indie film (HIV: Si Heidy, Si Ivy, at si V)?

Is it because I am jealous of the participants of Niccolo Cosme’s Project Headshot Clinic?

Or was it because i find Wanggo Gallaga hot?

I’ve thought about the reason and believe it or not, none of these choices became the reason why I’ve a change of heart.

Many people have been suffering from HIV-AIDS or some may know it as HIV or just plain AIDS. And most of them, hiding in shadows, inside their closets. And the number of people acquiring the virus is just increasing.

I told myself: WHY THEM? Why did this virus hit them? These beautiful people? Why not infect the criminals? The rapists? The corrupt? Why them? Well, I can say that these people (HIV positive) didn’t choose it. The virus chose them. Sad but true.

I know people who are Positive, but not on a personal level. When I see them, I see life in a different perspective. Imagine what they have to go through. May they be out or still hiding the sickness with them in their closets, they are still normal people, they deserve to be loved. HIV Positive (or lemme call them HIVP, want to do HVIP this acronym doesn’t match… any way) people should not be loved less. THEY SHOULD BE LOVED MORE. Carrying the infection doesn’t make them less of a person, or a son, a teacher, an actor or a mother. They deserve our love more than ever.

I know I’m just a small voice. Just a normal adolescent thinking out loud. But if more people like me would think the same, it wouldn’t be a hard world for HIVPs. If more people would just open their minds, extend their hearts, then it will be easier for them to fight the disease. Hiding it with them makes it even worse. They deserve love, they deserve us.

Be a Promoter of life!
Spread the LOVE!
Not the Virus!


*i do not own the pictures, no copyright infringement intended*


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It seems that I am not looking forward for anything.
My friends are not attending to the party that i’ve plan: MORE TIME FOR MYSELF.
Got no one to be with: MORE TIME FOR MYSELF.
Am on leave on my birthday: MORE TIME FOR MYSELF.

Isn’t that great? MORE ME-TIME.
I’d rather disagree. I’ve had plenty of me time before.
It’s just now, im turning 21, I have a wider perspective about things, specially the serious ones.

So since I have lots of ME-TIME, I’m planning to do a BIRTHDAY BLOG.

Whaddya think?

Any suggestions?

Hit me with your best shot!



I went alone to Malate, Friday.
Tried to find another soulmate.
Maybe this night, just this one night,
I’ll meet him and my search will be over.

I am damn wrong.
Everyone’s just a blank eye.
No feelings, no lust, nothing at all.
Just plain blank.

Instead, I’ve though about him.
I know he’s not feeling the same.
He might be thinking about somebody else.
He might be thinking about work, school, or anything but me.

Everytime I look someone in the eye that night, the more I see him.
What I did was to just look at the shadows.
It then reminded me of my pain and brought me back to reality:


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Lately, I’ve noticed that I’ve gained weight.
And by gaining, I dont mean just a pound or so.
I’m just afraid to have a face off with the weighing scale but if you’d ask me,
My wild guess is that I’m around 160-170 lbs already.

check this out:

that is the product of DEPRESSION and PRESSURE.

Depressed because of many things. Thinking of it makes it worse.

Pressured because of my freaking Job offer.

Anyhoo, kinda sleepy already.
IKYP. =)