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Posted: March 11, 2012 in POETRY

sometimes, crying is your body’s way of saying you’re hurt, that’s enough, stop it.

i used to sing “Thinking of You” for someone before. i thought it’s funny coz I’m already falling for another guy when I am still in a relationship but i know it’s wrong so I stopped the feeling coz i knew it wasn’t right. When that relationship ended, it’s already too late to start with the other guy. Must be karma. Is it?

Being that person who has the power to choose between two people is somewhat good. Coz you never lose. Choose A or B, you win either way. But what if you’re one of the choices? Better yet, if you’re the current guy and you know that your someone still can’t get over their past love? What will you do?

It’s a slap in the face knowing that someone you love is still attached to a previous relationship. But what can you do? I say, you have two options. Either run away or stay. It’s that easy. Run away somewhere far so you can easily detach yourself in the “relationship” and move on. Or stay, be there, risk it all and be a man and stay by their side until all the hurt is gone. Or again, we can always run away, we always have that option.

Being second best is better than being nothing. But it hurts more. A LOT MORE. But if you know you’re in that situation, and you know you really love the person, you just have to accept it, after all, it’s part of the package, all you can do is hope that one day, they realize that you’re there for them, that you’ll do anything for them, that you’re a better person coz you chose to stay rather than leave them when you know they’re still hurting. And then, you hope at that point, they realize that they love you as much as you love them.

i can’t finish this now. well, it hasn’t ended in real life either. i hope it won’t. coz I’m choosing to stay.