Run and Tell

Posted: July 14, 2011 in JUST ME
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So after shifting to our new place, I have decided to get back to running. So last night, I geared up and started jogging again.


So I jogged for almost an hour on this route:


While jogging, I noticed this cute guy jogging in front of me. I ran passed him and while i walk and rested for a while, he ran passed me, then i ran passed him again , which happened for around 3 more times. When he ran and made a u-turn, we were able to see each other and i smiled a little. After that, just continued my running. So much for the first day.


But what surprised me was when i got home, someone familiar messaged me thru Grindr (Grindr is a mobile app that connects LGBT people to people who are near them). Look at our exchange of message:



So I was talking to him casually when he said:



Im feeling I’ll still see him on my next run. 🙂

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