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And you thought you’ll always be on the top of the gay hierarchy only to realize that you’ve fallen to square one. What happened? Your super hottie CLASS A boyfriend just left you for someone not even half of who you are. You know what I mean.

I am receiving emails from friends and random people who have experienced this. So here’s my answer to all o’yo emails guys. What say me?


Yes. As simple as that. There’s no point in winning him back. In the first place, why will he choose someone FUGLY if it’s not true love? Wake up. Walk away. That’s the best thing to do. Go grab a nice warm bath, wash away what’s left from that filthy bastard’s stench.

And of course, lonely you thought: “Hey, he’s a good catch! I’ll still keep my hopes up.” Puh-lease. One month, two months, one year and you’ll realize, your life is still revolving around his. He’s a good catch yeah? Well my friend, YOU ARE TOO. You just have to embrace it. You don’t need someone good looking to define how good-a-person you are. All you need is yourself, a bag of faith and a pack of patience.

YES. He might be more of a Mr. Right-now rather than Mr. Right, but look at the bright side brotha! Your Mr. Right is still out there somewhere waiting for you. Just extend your strand of patience and just let yourself shine. Hahah. Okay. That was uber gay. What I mean is, YOU are UNIQUE. You are your own cherry on top of the ice cream. So stop thinking that you are a nobody because you aren’t. You’re someone’s SOMEBODY, like it or not. And please, if he’s CLASS A, you can be CLASS AA or AAA. No one’s stopping you. That’s where self improvement gets in the picture.

REFLECT REFLECT. Use this experience as a guide for your future relationship. What went wrong? Was it your fault? Were you lacking something? What didn’t he like about you? Answer this as honest as possible and use it as your guide on the whats and what nots on your next boyfie.

It’s not that easy isn’t it? Who said it’ll be? Well, that’s part of a gay’s life. Because admit it or not, men are polygamous. We can’t be contented with what we have. There are just some people (rare) who know how to value a partner and a relationship. So do whatever you like to just for you to be able to move on. Go out with friends often, cry your heart out, go to the movies, we all have our own self-therapy. Just make sure that after this stage, you’ll go and face the world anew: without his shadow casting on you. You’re too valuable to just be an option.

Okay na?