Posted: March 4, 2011 in RANTS
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The public knows about the current situation of some countries in the Middle East. Egypt, Sudan and now, Libya. I loathe people who worship power so much that they do not care what the consequences are as long as they remain in power. And yes, I am talking about Mubarak and Gaddafi.

However, my concern is not about what is happening back there, but it’s about the people who are affected by this crisis, my Filipino countrymen in particular.

Dear Department of Foreign Affairs,

I don’t have the full story but what I’ve heard from the news today is that you’re giving every OFW that was sent back to the Philippines from Libya Php 10,000.00 (est. US $230). WOW. That’s way too much, dont you think? After the months/ years of hardwork? After sending millions in dollars of remittances, after paying monthly dues and taxes to the Philippine government? Php 10,000.00? You must be kidding. Government offices are spending millions in luxury cars, luxury meals and other luxuries while the only luxury my fellow countrymen have are their lives. They are working their butts off 24/7 away from their family because the government can’t give the people enough jobs.

I think you’re being unfair. My fellow OFWs signed a contract with the hope of getting hard-earned cash by the time they finish their terms. Is this another lapse that you overlooked that it’s not their fault that the country where they’re working at is at the brink of war? And how true is it that while the aids from other countries meet their fellowmen with food, clothes and things to soothe themselves, my countrymen weren’t even given water? Is this how you treat them? Us? Last year, 53.7% of the Philippine income came from the service sector which includes us, OFWs. If you think they deserved how you treated them, well think again. I pity my repatriated countrymen, not because they don’t have food to eat or money to bring back home but because they were under-appreciated by the government. Don’t you think they deserve more?

Reality check: Php 10,000.00 isn’t enough. Instead of continuing the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee on the investigation on the AFP corruption, why don’t you just give the budget to the repatriates and just put behind bars those obviously caught red-handed? You’ll say that is not fair right? Exactly. Now we’re thinking the same. Don’t you think it’s only fair for these OFWs to be given the amount they’re supposed to get on their contract? Don’t tell me you don’t have any allocated budget for that because you can always ask Garcia how he did what he did. If he can find a way, I think you can too. And mind you, you can do it LEGALLY. But if you think the whole amount of the contract is still too big, well, how about 50%? or 25%? Whichever amount you think is deserved by them. Because I’m pretty sure that the work they do for the country is more than the Php 10,000 you are giving them.

Hey, this is just something to think about. But if you say that that’s the only amount you can give them, well, I’m just gonna go back to the Philippines, will not pay my taxes and will just kidnap people and do pick-pocketing on the side.


  1. PM says:

    it is really sad but i hope the situation in the middle east would improve. it is scary, especially when you think about the dooms day predictions that a ww3 will come from the middle east. yay!

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