Posted: February 24, 2011 in RANTS, THOUGHTS
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(Spandex group shot by Martin Eden)

So you found out that your ex is hitting on someone you used to go out with? And you were like, whatdaeff? High five! You’re not alone sister.

The gay world is really a small world. You’ll know someone through a friend who’s also friends with your other friend only to find out that he’s your boyfriend’s ex lover. Yes people. That’s how complex our world is. I dont say that this complexity makes it harder for us. But this is actually something that may cause trouble in one way or another.

You may ask, why the rant? Well, I just read this morning from my ex’s profile that he’s been going out with someone I used to date. The dating thing didn’t work for us because he’s too busy with his job and I’m equally busy with school way back. So we decided to just be friends and eventually, we lost contact. That time, when we used to go out, he’s the type of guy who has self-esteem issues. He usually tells me that he doesn’t have much friends that’s why he’s a downer most of the time. But now, he’s turned from a zero-to-a-hero. Yeah, you might see him on television specially during Sundays. And he…. okay. That’s already way too much information.

So going back to what I am saying, it really is a small world for us gays. This way, it’s easy for us to make lotsa friends but it also has its negaperks. Seeing someone who used to be special to you go out with someone the same can be a little weird. And what sucks is that you might feel awkward, jealous, sick, angry, sad, depressed. And imagine yourself feeling that as a single emotion. That’s how weird it is.

If you’re in my situation, what say you?



  1. Kane says:

    I guess at some point in our lives, we accept the reality of the world we live in. It can get some getting used to, I know. =)


    • B says:

      exactly. it’s just that everything is untimely. you know what I mean.
      It’s like you’re having the time of your life with someone only to realize that he’s linked to a person you wish you never knew.
      Something to that effect.

      Thanks for passin thru hun.


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