Posted: February 2, 2011 in POETRY
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(I’m flirting with him. We’re having an eye to eye contact)

YES. Those are the words I’ve heard from my mom. She’s finally a lady. Congratulations MOM! Hahaha. No seriously, not what I’ve expected.

[DISCLAIMER: My Mom and Pop are still together. It’s just sometimes, I allow my mom to go out with other guys. Hahahah. And these are all friendly dates, just for her to meet new acquaintances.]

My mom has been working her butt out in Taipei since i don’t know, I was in first grade I think? And she gets to visit us once or twice every three years. But that didn’t stopped me from being close to hear. In fact she was the first person in the family to know I am a bisexual. It’s funny though. When I told her on a phone call years back: “Mom, feeling ko gusto ko din ng lalaki” (“Mom, I think I like guys too”) her response was very unexpected. She told me: “Okay lang yan, bibilhan ba kita ng mga damit pambabae?” (“That’s okay. Do you want me to buy girl’s clothes for you?”) I was like: “OF COURSE NOT!”. I don’t have anything against cross dressers but it’s just not my cup of tea. And YES. You’ve read it right. Not the typical mother and son conversation. And that even made us closer in more ways than one.

I can still remember some of the moments we shared together.

*You, hitting me when I was four because I bitch-fitted about going to Jollibee. Hey, I can still remember the whole story: You promised me that we’ll go to Jollibee if I sleep that afternoon. Well, I slept but you said we weren’t going anymore when I woke up. That explains the bitch fitting.

*Me, stealing from Auntie Phine’s coin bank and transferring the stolen coins to my bank. But conniving you figured out what I was doing since all of the money on my coin bank was all rounded peso coins (that’s all I can save back then) and you were surprised to see tons of 2-peso coins on my bank. Stupid me didn’t realized that. Yes, I was hurt by the slipper you used to hit me.

*You, crying on my shoulder when you were lost on your way to my dorm in college. That was actually my fault, I asked you to go there. But hey, I was able to pick you up, two hours after, that is.

*You, liking Patrick Starr because I told you I like him so much. You even bought Patrick Starr collectibles for me even if I told you that you don’t need to.

*You, learning how to text, a decade after texting was invented, Last year (2010) that is. The first text I’ve received from you: “Nak kamusta na? I hope you’re doing well with your work.” (“Son, how are you? I hope you’re doing well with your work.”)

*Your monthly phone bills that are waaaaay over your budget because I always give you a call to tell you to call me because I need to tell you updates on my love life.

*You asking how my boyfriend is doing even without me telling you about him. You’ll always know what to say: EVEN IF I AM NOW SINGLE.

I love my mom. I super love her. She’s the most selfless person I know.

I know you couldn’t read this, but by the time you learn how to surf the net, please visit my blog, read this and say: “I LOVE YOU TOO, PEP” even without me hearing.


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