Posted: January 16, 2011 in POETRY
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PHOTO CREDITS TO Larry Monserate Piojo

I’d give you the continent that’s as big as my love,
But probably the whole world isn’t enough
Because nothing can be compared to what you are.

I’d give you the highest tower in the world
But it still wont be enough
Because you’re the distance to the moon and back.

I’d give you the biggest diamond there is
But it still cant be compared
Because you’re worth more than all crystals and gems.

I can give you everything, everything my love
If only I can, you know I will.

But now, just now, all I can give is my love.

I hope you find it worth more than a diamond, a tower or a continent combined.
Because my love is pure, modest and one of a kind.

  1. Bodhirose says:

    Your pure love should be enough for anyone. Who needs all that other stuff?!

    I love this, B. You have the sweetest heart. xoxo

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