Posted: January 15, 2011 in POETRY

So DAY 6 it is!
I feel so happy. No really. I’ve never made myself do things I know I can’t do. But this one really gives me a sense of accomplishment. I know it’s not much, but at least for once, I stood up for something.

Had an early breakfast today. Was really craving for Mee Goreng but unfortunately, there are no restaurants serving it near our place at that time. So I ended up eating at the mall. Unfortunately (again) there’s nothing much to choose from. So I just chose this fish fillet (though it might not look like it) and two eggs.

To make up for the almost-not-satisfying food, I bought this honeydew sago which tasted really good.

I thought Im just gonna eat twice today: my early breakfast and a small meal later today. But after going to Bugis Junction, I was tempted to visit my old friend Long John Silver. And here’s what he served me:

POTATOES and CHIPS and a serving of POTATO SALAD.

Yes friends, I am now officially MR POTATO MAN. geez. Potatoes give me the energy I need for the day. The Fries and Chips of Mr. Silver is delish. My favorite snack actually.

Since Im kinda bored lately, I’ve decided to color my hair. This time? SILVER. So I bought this:


Here’s the AFTER hair.

YES. You’re seeing it right. I can’t distinguish the difference too. Hahaha So goodbye $25. whatta waste. But Imma color it next month to improve the silver effect. I think it’ll look better. Whatcha think?

PS. I was tempted to eat SPAM today. But I won over temptation. Will power much? 🙂 GREAT ME.


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