Posted: January 15, 2011 in JUST ME
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Im still sick. On medical leave for two days. Sad sad.

For the past two days, I’ve been eating just brunch plus one small meal at night. Thanks to my friends who are very supportive of me. To the people who are sending me messages and asking me for an update, here it is.

This is what I ate for brunch for this past three days.

DAY 4:
Went to the polyclinic and had a check up with Dr. Hia. After the check up, bought a take out (they call it TAKE AWAY here in SG) meal.

This pack has spicy squid, fried egg, string beans and sauteed potatoes. Yum.

DAY 5:
Had brunch at a hawker center and ordered this egg something. I think it has egg, garlic flakes and sugar. Yeah sugar, coz it tasted sweet. YUMMY.


DAY 4 and 5: SUCCESS! 🙂

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