Posted: January 11, 2011 in POETRY

If you think that was my breakfast, then you’re right. Potatoes with eggs. It’s not that delicious but my daily carb and protein all came from this meal.

I actually woke up sick today. My friend fever, headache and sore throat visited me. I asked my boss if I can just go to work in the afternoon and rest on the first half of my work. Being kind as she is, even asked me to see a doctor. But I know my body, I just need to rest and I’ll be as strong as a bull again. So I slept til around 2pm. Then everyone was calling my phone and was asking me to do some work. So I bathed and prepare for werk. Honestly, Im still not feeling okay. But the workaholic me decided to step in and work.

Was able to compile everything for the magazine’s website (draft). And do some touch ups for some photos and articles. Around 5pm, my friend Ann, went to the office and waited for me to finish work. Our plan? Go out and dine at the restaurant I’ve always wanted to try since I saw it on my first day of jogging: VegSenz at The Verge.

Here’s how the facade looks like:

The place is kinda big but we were the only customers when we came (two more groups arrived after). Good thing a Filipina was working there so she assisted us with what’s good on the menu. Unfortunately, I was not able to take her photo. Thanks btw Ate Beverly.

While waiting for the food, camwhore me decided to take some pictures of us and the menu.

My friend Ann (we call each other Sichi)

Some menu I am planning on ordering next visit:

And of course, a distorted image of me:

So after several minutes of waiting, our order arrived.


A healthy combination of rotini pasta in fresh tomato sauce with fresh vegetables. Yes, everything’s fresh.

Here’s my vegetable burger. They call it Organic Portabello Burger.

A big shiitake mushroom, beets, red radish and some other stuffs sandwiched in a very tasty and crunchy whole grain bun. It also has potato slices with turmeric (i think) which would actually taste better if there’s mayonnaise.

I also ordered a Bean Curd Roll:

It tasted like Lumpiang Ubod in the Philippines. It’s really delicious but it’s also expensive.

Halfway through the meal, we were already full, surprisingly. Ate Beverly told us that the shop will be open only until the end of January. Sad. I haven’t tried everything yet and they’re closing? No. Hahaha

So whoever said that vegetarian food ain’t delicious haven’t really tasted REAL vegetarian food. DELISH!


  1. Yuuki-chan says:

    Eep! Veggie food! The horror! 😐

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