Posted: January 10, 2011 in JUST ME
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As promised, I’ve started my 30 Day Commitment into eating anything but meat.
Preparing for this day wasn’t actually hard. I’ve skipped meat meals and I’ve had greens as substitue to some meals.

Brunch: I ate Tuna-topped half cup rice. (Yeah, from now on, the foods I’ll be posting here are self-made names)

I tried thinking that it’s delish and surprisingly, it was. Like my very first taste of tuna. Smooth, spicy, very scrumptious, appetizing, and yeah, stop exaggerating, got it. It’s kinda good honestly.

Around 3pm, we’re quite jam-packed at the office. Some of my bosses went out and bought foods for us. Everyone’s ordering meat and chicken: from a fast food. Well hey, I want food from KFC too! So I ordered fries. Cheesy fries that is. Thanks Lynn. 🙂 First sin of the day.

Since we received our pay today, the guys and I went out on a budget shop. Where else to go? Chinatown. The rain didn’t stop us from looking around. I just wondered if the name of the place is still Chinatown because every establishment has a group of Caucasians, dining, buying and looking. What happened? Hahaha

So anyhow, I was able to find this:

An arm band so I can bring with me my phone when I am jogging. Adidas sells it for $45. Bought this one for $20. Nice deal right? It’s not branded but my keen observation says the difference is just the logo. So I bought it.

I bought this too. A Singapore name card holder so I can put my name cards in a decent stack.

What’s great about this name card holder, is that it comes with this:

A FREE NAILCUTTER! Where in the world can you find a deal better than this? HAHAHAHA. And that’s not all! It is a nailcutter-slash-can opener! Now beat that! Hahaha. No, kidding aside, Im just kinda goofy today, given my frustration.

Oh, before our budget shopping, we actually went to this place in Ann Siang Hill called Le Carllion for a hiatus. It’s a French Bistro with a very relaxing ambiance.

We ate Croque Monsieur and since it has ham on it, I just ate the salad and the bread on top with cheese.

What I like most about the place is the ambiance. The first floor actually is a fine bistro but what’s hidden one floor down is a very cozy sanctuary. This place actually gave me an idea on how to build my house. We even played a round of 8-ball.

I will kill to have this kind of space in my house. (Calling all friendly architects =] )

So after 3 hours of walking under the rain, we decided to come home wet. BBBrrrr it’s cold.



PS. Im planning to try this Vegetarian place at The Verge tomorrow. It’s called VegSenz. I hope they’re serving delish stuffs. Will keep you updated.

  1. pammy says:

    busy much??? haha .. IMY! X)

  2. sarah says:

    *Vegetarian is someone who doesn’t eat meat or fish

    It would be nice if you changed the title to Pescetarian because it is a bit harsh to vegetarians to use that word if you are not truely.

    • B says:

      Oh oh oh. Sorry. I’m kinda new to the idea.
      Based on what I’ve read, Vegetarian has many categories.
      The one you’re talking about that doesn’t eat meat and fish, they are Vegan right?
      Vegan is different from vegetarian is it?
      Im a bit confused now.
      But yeah, you’ve a point, Pescetarianism is what I am doing.

      Thanks for the comment dear. Imma correct my entries then.


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