SO I’M GOING VEGAN: The thirty day commitment.

Posted: January 8, 2011 in POETRY
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I’ve watched several videos from PETA (Go Green and Meet your Meat).
Well, it kinda sent me a signal. It hit me: I have got to do it.

But let me clear things first: I can’t do it overnight. I know I can do it, but not in a very fast pace.
First, I do not eat beef, turkey, mutton and pig insides so the next thing for me to get rid off is pork and chicken. Seriously, thinking about it, I guess it wouldn’t be that hard for me.

I will be doing this 30-day commitment first and see what the outcome will be. This will start Monday, January 10 and end in February 8. For the first week, I can (but doesn’t mean I have to) eat processed meat. Again, I can’t do this overnight. But second week, going forward, no meat at all. I will be Pesco-Vegan. I can still eat fish, seafood, eggs, and milk products as well as plant-based foods. I just need to find different non-meat meals so the nutrients I need from the food I am getting rid of will have substitutes. I can do this.


I need your support! 🙂

  1. ghosterb says:

    Good luck my friend!

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