Posted: December 31, 2010 in POETRY

Dear You-know-who,


I’ve been wanting to tell you this since forever. I’ve never requested or opened up about this to you because I know that if you feel that it’s the right time, you will wholeheartedly give it to me without second thoughts. But this time, I feel like I really deserve it. I really really deserve it.

Okay, here goes: I NEED A BOYFRIEND.

Let me explain. I am a believer of love, monogamy and relationships. I know that the love that I have now, is overflowing. Special people in my life already have their fair share: my friends, family and colleagues. But the love I am talking about which I have in my heart has been here for quite a long time and it’s already becoming dormant. I dont want that to happen and I hope you feel the same.

Yes, I’ve been through some rough relationshits way back. I’ve been dumped, been lied to, been hurt badly. But the love that I have in my heart remains the same. You know what I mean. I just want to share it to someone who will appreciate it, will take care of it and will give me more or the same amount of love I am giving him. I hope I am not asking too much. It’s just that I think that it’s not love unless it’s true, unless it’s selfless.

Been there, done that. I’ve been tricked by fools who showed me love. But they were all untrue, selfish love. And it’s always late for me to realize and I always end up losing.

You see, I dont want just anyone. I want someone real, someone who can stay with me for better or worse. I don’t want him to catch a bullet for me, I just want him to stay by my side as I endure life’s pain. I dont need for him to be perfect, a sane mind who can catch up with my insanities is a perfect candidate.

As I write this letter, I know that it’s quite hard to get all of this in one guy. But I know through you, everything is possible. If you can’t answer my prayers, just give me better gifts of understanding and patience. But If you can, there’s no need for him to be in gold wrappers or big ribbons: just let me feel it. For when it’s true and selfless, I would know.

I will love him with all my heart and hypothalamus, but I will still love you more.


  1. ghosterb says:

    Truly heartfelt and beautiful, I think that you-know-who will definitely appreciate this prayer and will eventually answer it. I’ve prayed similar prayers before my friend and I know it will be answered someday.

  2. Jingle says:

    best wishes for your sweet wishes,

    you are a boy, right? I feel confused when you want a boy friend, which seems like a lover,

    in general, If you are a boy, you wish for a mate or best friend, then I understand better.

    thanks for the support of 2010.

  3. TC says:

    you totally just explained to me exactly how i have felt for a very long time.
    never give up, He is out there 🙂
    hope the new year is treating you kindly!

    • B says:

      Thanks buddy! I wont!
      You do the same. Hold on. 🙂
      Sometime, somewhere, he’ll come. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be ryt?

      New Year’s fun, so far. 🙂
      happy new year 🙂


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