can you swallow your pride just to fix your relationship with your significant someone?

Posted: December 12, 2010 in


Ask me anything

  1. Okay, Brixx. When do you write your fist poem?

    • B says:

      I started writing when I was on my Sophomore year on my Secondary school.
      But things were kinda little then coz my school paper needed News writers rather than poets.
      But that didn’t stop me from writing! 🙂

      thanks hun!

      • That’s a great start and also shows even then you were ready to listen to the music of your own inner muse. Nice!

        Thanks for responding, Brixx. Hugs!

      • B says:

        it is it is!
        now, writing is just like breathing to me.
        I write while im on a train, on the wee hours of the morning and almost most of the time that my muse is inspiring me. 🙂

        thanks also for the comments love.

        I appreciate it much


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