Posted: November 29, 2010 in JUST ME
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I never get scared easily: last night was an exception.
Some friends and colleagues know that I have this gift of smelling, not seeing other life forms: last night turned out different.

I have been feeling unwell this past couple of days. Different things happened to me. Untimely head ache, and a lot of different aches on the other parts of my body. The last was a sprain that I already felt before jogging at night with my housemate. My bad, I still pushed through the running, which made the sprain worse.

Well last night, I was on my favorite spot on the other room on our place. As usual, speaking with my mom past midnight. This already happened before. I saw a white light pass through the window. I didn’t bother that time because I thought I’m just imagining things. It happened again last night. And this time, I was very sure of the vivid image I saw: an old woman staring at me. I was looking at my phone, head down and when I raised my head up and looked at the window, there she was, just beaming at me. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t even know what to think and how to react. The last thing I remembered was me going to the office telling my housemates not to stay on that room.

That was just the first straw. I was already lying on my bed, with the lights turned off, not thinking about what happened, when I turned on the other side facing the window and poof! There she was again. I almost screamed. But I didn’t. I stayed calm. What I did was to pretend not to see her and I just covered the window with a sleeping bag. Not a very bright idea, I know. But hey, I just want to sleep! So around 3 am, tried sleeping again, but I can’t. I didn’t know why. I was rolling around my bed for half an hour still trying to sleep. It was not until 4am that I remembered what my dad taught me. “HIM OM TI”, some Latin phrase which helps me calm down since I was a kid. Surprisingly, after I did it, I managed to sleep. And when I woke up this morning, I thought everything was okay, not until after seeing this mark on my tummy while I was bathing:

It was not there last night. Very odd. I don’t feel anything on the scarred area, any burn or sore feeling, nothing at all. It was just a scratch mark. And I feel weird. Well, I believe this is just ROUND 1. I hope this to stop soon coz it’s really freaking me out.

  1. LC says:

    Oh shit r u serious… u ask michael…but i tink u’re the only one who got it tat serious.

  2. Bodhirose says:

    It’s so especially weird that I just now visit your site because I just got through watching a series show on cable called “The Haunted”. All about stories of people who have paranormal things happening to them and then here you are having one yourself (or so it would seem)… So on one of the people that it showcased tonight, a woman spontaneously started feeling a burning on her skin and when looked–all these scratches appeared on her.

    I believe you have had a paranormal experience, B! But don’t be afraid–she was beaming at you and appears to be a friendly apparition–except can’t explain those scratches. Please keep me posted on this experience with you. Keep saying that “mantra” that your Dad gave to you.

    I’m so intrigued. But especially I care for your wellbeing and hope you will feel fine soon.

    Much love, sweet heart…

    • B says:

      Thanks Gayle.
      everything is fine now.
      My boss, who is Chinese, made some ritual thing-y to shoo away these spirits.
      I think it worked because after that, the old lady didn’t bother me again.

      Well, the scratches, i think is her way of saying hello.

  3. yuuki-chan says:

    OH SHIT. I don’t think I can handle that kind of stress. Thank goodness for inability to sense stuff like that.

    You might want to get the place blessed or something. If you were scratched once, who’s to say you won’t get hit in the future?

    Nonetheless, I love Singapore! I’d like to go back there sometime.

    • B says:

      Yeah. my Chinese boss did some ritual thing-y.
      Good thing she never appeared again.

      Yeah! Singapore is great! 🙂

      Thanks for passin by love!


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