I PROMOTE LIFE: a transformed AIDS Advocate.

Posted: November 19, 2010 in RANTS, THOUGHTS
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Today, I don’t know what hit me.

Was it Marc Nelson’s half naked picture on POSITIVISM’s website?

Was it because I saw Jake Cuenca’s starring on a new indie film (HIV: Si Heidy, Si Ivy, at si V)?

Is it because I am jealous of the participants of Niccolo Cosme’s Project Headshot Clinic?

Or was it because i find Wanggo Gallaga hot?

I’ve thought about the reason and believe it or not, none of these choices became the reason why I’ve a change of heart.

Many people have been suffering from HIV-AIDS or some may know it as HIV or just plain AIDS. And most of them, hiding in shadows, inside their closets. And the number of people acquiring the virus is just increasing.

I told myself: WHY THEM? Why did this virus hit them? These beautiful people? Why not infect the criminals? The rapists? The corrupt? Why them? Well, I can say that these people (HIV positive) didn’t choose it. The virus chose them. Sad but true.

I know people who are Positive, but not on a personal level. When I see them, I see life in a different perspective. Imagine what they have to go through. May they be out or still hiding the sickness with them in their closets, they are still normal people, they deserve to be loved. HIV Positive (or lemme call them HIVP, want to do HVIP this acronym doesn’t match… any way) people should not be loved less. THEY SHOULD BE LOVED MORE. Carrying the infection doesn’t make them less of a person, or a son, a teacher, an actor or a mother. They deserve our love more than ever.

I know I’m just a small voice. Just a normal adolescent thinking out loud. But if more people like me would think the same, it wouldn’t be a hard world for HIVPs. If more people would just open their minds, extend their hearts, then it will be easier for them to fight the disease. Hiding it with them makes it even worse. They deserve love, they deserve us.

Be a Promoter of life!
Spread the LOVE!
Not the Virus!


*i do not own the pictures, no copyright infringement intended*

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  2. I’ve been wondering the same thing actually. I heard that the CIA made the disease, but I heard it’s false.

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