Posted: November 1, 2010 in POETRY
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why should it be you,
that I run to?
when the world turn its back on me
when darkness covers my entity,
why should it be you, just you?

why should it be you
that I think of
when I am alone and lost
on the rainbow after the storm
should it really be you?

when someone talks to me about love
you’re the first though in my mind.
It’s just you.
Why should it be like that?
I don’t know.

You’re the best thing that’s happened to me.
Katy’s right.
Once you have tasted perfection,
Comparisons are easily done.
Well, nothing compares to you.

But I thought: everybody’s gone,
And everyone has moved on.
So why should it still be you?

  1. Bodhirose says:

    Love your “YOU” poem, B. It’s fortunate that some of us get a YOU to turn to in our lives.

    Gayle xoxo

    • B says:

      But you know Gayle,
      sometimes this “YOUs” have their way of ruining our life.
      You know what I mean, everything seems to be perfect but when this “YOU” gets in the situation,


  2. Bodhirose says:

    I agree, B. The problem being that sometimes we get into looking to only one person for our support, love, etc. (that YOU person) and then they start acting selfish or otherwise making your life hellish and then when you part, you are left with yourself. So really to be the happiest we can be–we should cultivate our own self worth so when people come and go in our lives, we won’t fall to pieces.

    Because we’ll be in the company of our own beautiful, whole selves! 🙂 Doesn’t that sound like a good plan?

    Gayle xoxo

  3. danroberson says:

    There is a “you” in everybody’s life. Some can leave “you” as only a memory hidden deep in the dark recesses, while others fill dreams with “you”.

  4. Why should it be you? and a lovely answer for that..

    Three Knots

    Happy Rally !

    –Someone Is Special–

  5. Scent of my heart says:

    We all have this one special “YOU” in our lives and it’s sad how sometimes this special “You” doens’t find us back that precious! Lovely post!

  6. Jessicas Japes says:

    Yup, really strongly written, enjoyed the passion!

  7. chamiechamz says:

    Because you’re in love with YOU. ^^,

    Nice work dear. Proud to read a poem from a Filipino. ^^,

  8. Because, life without that ‘you’ feels empty… That question is a good way to express love though.
    Nice post, friend. 🙂

  9. Self reflections are often the most revealing…

  10. Jingle says:

    powerful image,
    thanks for sharing.

  11. Sam373 says:

    Good question! U R not finished with this feeling; write more.

  12. gnarlyoak says:

    the last stanza stands out to me. nice work

  13. For those of us who have a “you” in our lives, we know all about the ups and downs that come with it. It’s wonderful, but at times gives us a headache. Sometimes, like you said, you have to ask, “Why should it be you, just you?” Other times, you just feel so blessed to have somebody to turn to.

    • B says:

      That’s correct love.
      But sometimes, instead of giving us answers, they leave us hanging with a question.
      You know what I mean?

      Thanks for reading hun!


  14. LoLa says:

    Once you have tasted perfection,
    Comparisons are easily done.
    Well, nothing compares to you

    I really liked this segment, nicely done.

  15. Shashi says:

    beautifully done… kind of sad emotions run behind all your words. I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  16. lovely, beautiful, romantic! loved it!

  17. you did a good job of capturing the common sensation of remorse… very poignant…

  18. Morganna says:

    Sometimes the ‘you’ can be an inspiration and a support — I think the key is to have yourself to fall back on — don’t put everything on the ‘you’ no matter how wonderful they are, because, still, they are only human. Then the two of you can support each other and make a beautiful relationship.

  19. LeiffyV says:

    Great offering, I haven’t really been there since I have yet to trust anyone to GET to that point but still, I can feel the emotion of this piece. Very raw. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Jamie Dedes says:

    A lovely poem and sound like you do have your very own YOU in your life. That’s a good thing, B, as you know.

    Nice Rally poem. Well done. Poem on …

  21. Anita (Aquarius63) says:

    Profound words. The heart breaks many times in a life time, sad but true. Well done on your poem.


  22. Glory says:

    I have had to many ‘you’ in my life, I’m so glad I watch out for them now. Growing up is hard but worth the time.

    • B says:

      I can only imagine.
      We should know who to fall back on so the next time we’re on the cliff,
      we’ll know if it’s worth the jump.

      Thanks for reading hun!


  23. Mase Da Rula says:

    hmmmm… I liked this….

    an sincere display of emotions as you ask questions….

    I liked the realness of it… puts you in that place

    .Mase Da Rula.
    A Ruler’s Kingdom

  24. Lu Ann says:

    🙂 Heart touching!

    Aww… too many questions my friend… questions I´ve asked myself, differently, but still gets to the same point… is it right that it is you?

    Loved the poem… I mean it, Im not only commenting, this is the best poem I´ve read this Rally 🙂

    Lu Ann.

  25. Lu Ann says:

    By the way… awesome song 🙂 Like and apple hanging from a tree…

  26. yuuki-chan says:

    I long for the day when “YOU” leaves my life for good.
    I wait for the time when the real YOU makes me happy forever. 🙂
    Wonderful read.


  27. bward42 says:

    A great, simple and heartfelt poem! I definitely can identify!

  28. maybe that you has earned your trust the most? 🙂

    My Rally Entry

  29. alakaline says:

    Fluid lines.. and lucky you 🙂

  30. r0013 says:

    Wow!! Great write. I think everyone ponders this at one point or another. You express it very well! Thanks for sharing!

  31. 2zpoint says:

    Looking back things always seem so good because the bad stuff is always forgotten or grown out of. The only trouble with that is…if the past is ever relived the bad stuff is the first thing noticed after the new closeness is rekindled. Then trying to chew an arm off just to get away from the other person’s sleepy grasp doesn’t sound too far fetched. 🙂 take care

    • B says:

      not a bad idea.
      well honestly, we’re both in good terms now. Well for me, we are, dunno about him. hahaha

      Thanks for the words. made me think.


  32. Sumit Sarkar says:

    Fantastic, fabulous… 🙂

  33. This piece made me truly appreciate the YOU’s that I have and knowing how wonderful it is to have 1 or more.


  34. deadpoet88 says:

    lovely poem, a great tribute to love and that special someone 🙂

  35. RASHMI says:

    Beautiful poem…A poem with sadness … you thought the You to be perfect but your You was not that perfect (means didnt come up to your expectation),right?

  36. jojo says:

    Enjoyed the question of what makes you so special? how do you qualify?? nicely written!

    thank you for your comments on my submission Jojo:

  37. Pat Cegan says:

    Be care what you ask for, eh? Fun and interesting poem. The photo with it is great, too.

  38. ladynimue says:

    Lovely write .. Hope that the “YOU” stays with you 🙂

  39. -3- says:

    A question well asked – one that i suspect most of us have known too well.
    The poem touches a familiar chord in life – well done.

    My rally:

  40. betcha says:

    Beats of the Hearts
    We often give advice out ,to listen to what our own bodies are telling us .
    Though we most often never take our own advice
    The You ,I feel ,you already know the answer

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