Oh No. The MAMARAZZI Fail.

Posted: August 29, 2010 in REVIEWS
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First thing’s first: NOT WHAT I’VE EXPECTED.

Storyline: 6.0
Post Production: 4.5
Script Cont: 3:0
Casting: 9.5 ( I just dont like Andi at all)

I was really not expecting that the movie will be that bad that I’m not even excited to finish the movie.
Compared to Kimmydora, which is a perfect 10, Mamarazzi is an epic fail.
Sad to say, i dont think it’ll even reach half of what Kimmydora earned.

All the press and promotions for mamarazzi were just plain public relations.
The only good thing about the movie were the hot men on it.
Who wouldn’t agree?
Diether Ocampo? Aaron Villaflor? Xian Lim? Carlo Guevarra?
Gawd. It’s like watching gay porn on cinema.

The pacing of the movie is really fast. It jumps from one scene to another. Sometimes, the next scene is not even connected with the previous. And what bugs me the most is the ice-skating scene when they did a song and dance number. Akala ko nanonood ako ng pelikula na ginawa noong 90’s. Uso yun noon diba? Yung out of nowhere biglang kakanta at sasayaw yung mga tao sa paligid kasama yung bida? I just dont like it. I just dont.

There’s even a deus ex machina on the end. I just dont wanna spill the beans for those who are still planning to watch it.

My suggestion: Watch it then decide for yourself. Or better yet, DONT WATCH IT AT ALL.




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