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I cant seem to move on with Miss Universe 2010.

I am satisfied with the results, Im just quite frustrated, to say the least.
Well, if you are actually watching the live show and you’re a Filipino, everytime you hear Venus Raj’s name, I know you’ll go loco.
I actually watched it with my friends (Tet, Beyonca, Miko and Miko’s Gf and Mom). Imagine how loud we can get. Hahaha
From 83 beautiful ladies, they were trimmed down to 15. And yes, Venus was one of the top though she was called last.
She was called last so imagine our faces while the first 14 were called.
Among those who were included in the Top 15 were (on the position that they were called)

Puerto Rico (who has sleepy eyes)
Mariana Vicente

Ann Poslavska

Mexico (super beautiful)
Jimena Navarrete

Cilou Annys

Rozanna Purcell

South Africa (who looks like Leighton Meester)
Nicole Flint

France (which has an ironic national costume)
Malika Menard

Australia (there’s just something wrong with how she look)
Jesinta Campbell

Jamaica (who is my bet besides Venus)
Yendi Phillipps

Russia (who is an unexpected entry)
Irina Antonenko

Albania (who has super pouty lips)
Angela Martini

Colombia (an early crowd favorite)
Natalia Navarro

Guatemala (did you see her eyebrows during the entire show?)
Jessica Scheel

Czech Republic (who has eyes to die for)
Jitka Valkova

and the last called was the Philippines (WOOOOOAAAAHHH!)
Venus Raj

After the swimsuit competition, they were trimmed down to 10 where Russia, France, Czech Republic, Belgium and early favorite, Colombia were removed.

So the Top 10 that were left (Based on their swim wear scores) were:

Jamaica (9.426)

Mexico (9.265)

Philippines (8.957)

Ireland (8.784)

Australia (8.543)

Puerto Rico (8.443)

Ukraine (8.333)

Albania (Tied with South Africa at 8.229)

South Africa (Tied with Albania at 8.229)

Guatemala (8.071)

As expected, I know that Venus will rock this part, she ranked third after Mexico and Jamaica.

When the ladies went out to show their evening gown, I know Venus will be hanging by a thread because compared to the other girl’s gowns (besides Australia’s of course), her gown is mediocre. From the big ribbon to the color that didn’t match her skin, a perfect combination for a total-outta-Ms-universe-already. But hey, she made it to top 5. In fact, she is fifth place in the evening gown (good riddance).

So the top 5 that were left (order based on their evening gown score)

Mexico (8.913)

Jamaica (8.884)

Australia (8.841)

Ukraine (8.743)

Philippines (8.714)

I think she’s not expecting to be part of the 5 so when she was called last (again), I felt her nerves. Her movements on the stage showed her nervousness. Oh well, who wouldn’t be? From 83 to 5?

Mexico and Ukraine has translators which means they have time to think about their answers while their interpreter translates. This is where the unexpected happens. When Venus was asked by Judge #2, William Baldwin the question: What was the one big mistake that you did in your life? And what did you do to make it right? She answered will full confidence: “In my 22 years of existence there is nothing major major problem I’ve done because I’m confident in myself and my family. Thank you for being here…. …Thank you , Thank you very much..”

Well that was one Big Mistake she made. Many people are quite disappointed by what happened but hey, who wouldn’t? She’s nervous and all, and besides, being on top 5 is already a big thing. I just felt that she could’ve answered the question better, but she did not. Well, she could’ve brought up her dethroning issue but she did not. Again, major frustration. But hey, this event is 11 years in the making. The last time we’re on this spot was 11 years ago when Miriam Quiambao bagged the 1st place. It’s a MAJOR achievement specially for our dethroned beauty, Venus. You just missed a chance but don’t worry, whatever people say, you’re still a Runner-up and you’re still beautiful.

brixx fire

  1. Beyonca says:

    Well said Bryxx!!
    I am still proud of Venus! I experienced how it was standing in front of many people answering questions spontaneously when I joined pageants in the past and I must say, that was really hard. I think what she could have done is to take a pause for a moment and think for a better answer. Anyways, she’s still a great woman; a true Filipina 😀

  2. Jingle says:

    awesome collections!

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    • B says:

      Well thanks dear.
      this layout is actually one of the templates here in WordPress.
      I just forgot the name. but you can check it on the list. 🙂

  4. Roof Helmet says:

    Venus Raj really looks very pretty on the pictures, she is very photogenic -`~

  5. Good Post. You do a good job. Thanks!

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