UPDATE: New Do Up.

Posted: August 19, 2010 in JUST ME
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Hi Hun,

Earlier today, I decided to have my hair colored grey. I was so excited because this is really different from my usual style. Quite deviant from normal.

So there I was, after taking a bath, went to Bench Fix at Glorietta 4. Waited for a minute or so then I was accomodated. Hair color for short hair is Php 1,400. Expensive eh? For my really short hair, I think it is. Well, I just wanna try so whatever, I still continued.

I was informed by Amy, the hairstylist that they need to bleach my hair first so that we can “ACHIEVE” (the term he used) the color we want to have. I trusted him, well, he’s the expert anyways. After experiencing the staggering 25 minutes of heat under the steamer (not to mention the bleach that burns my scalp), my hair was rinsed. To my dismay, I was informed that they still need to do another round of bleaching. In short, another round of suffering. I am already sweating like a pig during the second round. But the hell, I dont care, I want this.

After another 25 minutes, I looked like a newborn chick. With yellow hair and all that.

Well, not exactly like him, but the hair has resemblance. Hahaha

After that, they rinsed my hair again and then applied the grey solution. This time, I felt my body shaking. My scalp burned like hell. Like hell. I severed that for another 20 minutes. My mindset is that I am like one of the ANTM contestants on a make-over, but I cant take out the fact that my scalp is still BURNING SH*T.

After 2-hours-and-so-minute, here is the finished product:

(with Revo)

UPDATE: Since I feel that my hair is not colored properly, I had it fixed @ Ystilo Salon in Pasong Tamo. Deym did they rocked my do up! Salute to you Juris! You’re the best hair stylist! EVER!


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