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i_support_love_sticker-p217234616259919818tdcj_210Bisexual people are growing. I mean, their number. Or better yet, our number. Funny but true, we don’t need to be born for us to populate. We grow by the minute, if not, by the second. Nothing new eh? As per the latest survey, 4 out of 6 men you see on the streets everyday are gay. So don’t wonder if that bulky hunk standing on the bus or your seatmate in the internet shop is plucking his eyebrows or exploring Don’t be shocked, like what I’ve said,  it’s not something new.

In this article, let me discuss what gay guys are looking for in a relationship. (Got this topic when I was conversing with my friend Yna last night). Anyways, I’ll be excluding myself in this writing. I mean, I’ll be writing this as a writer, and not as a member of the third sex.

If there’s one thing that I can say regarding relationships between gay people (and by gay I don’t mean the offense guys), I found out that they are looking for three things: first, physical appearance (c’mon. 80 percent of gay guys do, if you don’t, you belong to the elite twenty percent) second, sexual preference (top or bottom, versa’s better), and finally, personality. I arranged them from first to last priority, but if you disagree, I am 100 percent sure that those three are on your top five list or if you said they’re not, either you’re just a sore loner loser or just a whore-one nighter. And don’t even say that I am wrong. Because I am always right. Right? =)

First. Physical appearance. Way back, gay people look for straight men to be their partner. Some of them still look for those kind now. But ladies and gentlemen, wake up. The truth is, if you are a straight person, just the sheer thought of having a relationship with the same sex gives you the creeps. So what part of having a relationship with the same sex gives them the idea that they’re straight? Just for fun? For trip? Answer is: NONE. They’re not straight and they will never be. Truth is, once you laid hands or once you share something intimate with the same sex, you’ll always be gay.  Like a scar left from a deep wound. It will never be the same again.  Going back, let’s all be honest here. Who would wanna date someone who’s not goodlooking or presentable at least? Some say it’s a plus, but hey, keep it real. It’s not a plus, it’s what you want. Pretty buff guys dig pretty buff guys. That’s a fact. Kanto tambay gays also want pretty buff guys but end up being frustrated coz pretty buff guys do not like them. That is how things operate in this gay century. So for kanto gays to grab a pretty buff guy, he should be like him first.

Next: sexual preference. Normal thing I read from gay chat boxes on the internet: “R U Top/Bot/ Versa?”. It’s the new NASL in the gay world. You should be sexually fit for your partner. I mean, one should be the plug and the other should be the socket. Being both top is fine but most of top people with top partners still dig bottom kids (without the knowledge of their partner. Haha. Wake up!) If you’re not sexually fit for your partner, most of the time, the relationship will not last long. Or if it does, ask the couple what magic they have in the relationship. =) Kidding aside, sexual taste matters. It’s what keeps the relationship of two gay people burning, not different from straight peeps. Some even do unearthly stuffs to get satisfied, just watch “SHORTBUS” for you to know what I mean. So people, sexual preference, top two.

Last but not the least, the quality that has always been taken for granted: personality. In a perfect world, this should be on the top of the list. But in a gay world like ours who sees Dingdong Dantes as the perfect male epitome and Dr. Belo, their fairy god mother, no one will be satisfied. Personality should be the top quality but it’s rather left at the bottom for the losers, they said. Gay peeps should check first the personal qualities of people they are trying to have relationsips with so that we can save time, and also save hearts.

I know it’s not easy, but waiting and choosing the right person is all worth the wait in the end. Choose quality over quantity. Love making with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with is always feels better than having sex with some random guys every night.

Being in a gay relationship is not easy. Who says it is? Been there, done that, and what I do now, just oversee what’s happening and saying what I have observed. CIAO!




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