Posted: July 7, 2010 in THOUGHTS
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Over the past weeks, I’ve noticed that I really don’t care how the world around me revolves. I’m also not concerned on what people think about how I look, what I wear and what I can do. In short: DEADMA. Because of that, I’ve had some random realizations which I believe are true.

1. Moisturizer’s effect might not be that visible now, but you’ll see the difference in the future.
2. You are not worthless. One way or another, someone out there sees you as a treasure chest even though you see yourself only just as a coin. See the difference?
3. If you want something sooo bad, don’t think much about it, coz when everything else fail, you won’t be hurt that bad.
4. Stop worrying about how you look. Some people wouldn’t even notice. But if most of them do, think twice.
5. Creating a whitening regimen is really easy. Just don’t forget one thing: DO NOT BE LAZY.
6. Karen Rauch is not that irate. Hahaha
7. Dairy Queen tastes better than Tutti Fruitti. But Tutti Fruitti costs more.
8. My “Do not drink then Drive” maxim: DO NOT EAT THEN SLEEP.
9. I love my MOM so much.
10. Crying over spilled milk is not good. Try to wipe it out then make another glass. Buy some Gardenia toasted bread and dip it in the milk. Yum.
11. I super crush DAVEY WAVEY. waaaaa


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