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Posted: July 31, 2010 in JUST ME
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Hey love!

Im back.
Sorry if it took me quite some time to get back to you and to keep you posted about what’s going on with my life.
I miss writing. So much.
In fact when I went a week ago to DLSU-Manila, i passed by the Graduate School Admission and asked if they are offering a Graduate course for writing. Guess what, they do! Well, their website says otherwise. I might enroll on the third term early next year because my schedule this coming months will not allow me to have more things in my hands. So there, schedule moved. =)

Anyhoo, good news! Based on my latest weigh-in, I lost 3 pounds. =) Effect of the eat-rice-just-when-you’re-really-craving-for-it scheme. Quite effective, I tell you. If you will ask what I am eating, well, I eat a potatoes. POTATOES are life savers. They are the fuel that keeps me going. Hahaha. kidding aside, well I’m eating potatoes in exchange with rice. Almost the same energy content, less carbs.


You might not see much effect but it really worked.

Also today, just hours ago, I actually hosted an event for my account. I was one of the three belles (haha). I’m just gonna update this post if I already have the pictures of the event. (UPDATE: as promised, here are the pictures.Thanks to Sir Ben Yoro)

This is the venue without the guests:

The beautiful girls of VZB:

The buffet (and yes, that was me in the middle):

Some of the Management team:

The photobooth. (Thanks to Centerstage Management for the UNLIMITED pictures.)

And me together with my very beautiful lead, Ms Tet.

Right now, what I can just post are these photos that we took from the photobooth. clickclick!



BY THE WAY: Justin Bieber (aka YEY BUNGUBUNG) was also on the event. See for yourself:

and YES. I’m dancing AGAIN.



Posted: July 18, 2010 in JUST ME
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Just like what I posted on my previous blogsite, when I am depressed, most of the time, I do different things.
The last time I felt like this was when I was on my Junior year in college.
that time, I tried to have ear piercings. Then I decided to have a tattoo. But I’m afraid of the latter.
My mom would kill me if she sees me with extra hole on my face besides the normal holes on it.
Well, I still pushed my luck.

Going back. I AM DEPRESSED. So much. So So much!
I dont know what attacked me, but I decided to do this:

The last time I shaved my hair was like, decades back.
I dont miss my hair. I dont miss my hair.
I dont miss my hair. I DO NOT MISS MY HAIR.
okay, i miss my hair, A LITTLE.
But that’s it.

New look, New character.

I feel like I am a caterpillar in a cocoon.
Wait til I come out.


Over the past weeks, I’ve noticed that I really don’t care how the world around me revolves. I’m also not concerned on what people think about how I look, what I wear and what I can do. In short: DEADMA. Because of that, I’ve had some random realizations which I believe are true.

1. Moisturizer’s effect might not be that visible now, but you’ll see the difference in the future.
2. You are not worthless. One way or another, someone out there sees you as a treasure chest even though you see yourself only just as a coin. See the difference?
3. If you want something sooo bad, don’t think much about it, coz when everything else fail, you won’t be hurt that bad.
4. Stop worrying about how you look. Some people wouldn’t even notice. But if most of them do, think twice.
5. Creating a whitening regimen is really easy. Just don’t forget one thing: DO NOT BE LAZY.
6. Karen Rauch is not that irate. Hahaha
7. Dairy Queen tastes better than Tutti Fruitti. But Tutti Fruitti costs more.
8. My “Do not drink then Drive” maxim: DO NOT EAT THEN SLEEP.
9. I love my MOM so much.
10. Crying over spilled milk is not good. Try to wipe it out then make another glass. Buy some Gardenia toasted bread and dip it in the milk. Yum.
11. I super crush DAVEY WAVEY. waaaaa


Posted: July 6, 2010 in RANTS
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Lately, I’ve noticed that I’ve gained weight.
And by gaining, I dont mean just a pound or so.
I’m just afraid to have a face off with the weighing scale but if you’d ask me,
My wild guess is that I’m around 160-170 lbs already.

check this out:

that is the product of DEPRESSION and PRESSURE.

Depressed because of many things. Thinking of it makes it worse.

Pressured because of my freaking Job offer.

Anyhoo, kinda sleepy already.
IKYP. =)