Posted: May 25, 2010 in PEEP WATCH
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I really like to watch how people around me move. I just want to observe how they act without them noticing what they actually do. Way back in college, I used to do people-watching, or back then, we call it PEEP WATCH. I can actually see how happy, how sad or how devastated they are with situations.

Earlier today, I went to a mall in Ayala. Had lunch and just sat on the same table for a couple of hours: with my mind drifting, as always.

*disclaimer: let me tell you ahead that I am not criticizing these people. I’ll just write what I have observed and what my friends say about them. Talk about freedom of speech baby. =)

FIRST SCENE: american guy and a filipina: AMERIPINA!

CHARACTER/S: middle-old aged American guy and a young-middle aged Filipina
STORY: match made in heaven

It’s amazing to see that they were able to build a relationship though they’re from different sides of the globe. Yes, many of them started CYBERLY (if there’a even a word like that), I mean, they started building their relationship on the internet. They talk, they chat, stuffs like that. My friends would say that most of these girls look like “katulong” or to better put it, “kasambahay” or househelp in english. But how do househelps look like? Well I know some of my friends’ househelp actually look good. So to better describe them, let’s just say they’re quite ahh.. EXOTIC. Better eh? Well with this transition in relationships, there is a better chance for Filipino women to have a good life. And I’m wishing a better life for them and their family as well! Hello green card! CHEERS!


CHARACTER/S: a walking black shadow. =) kidding
STORY: emotology 101

Le me ask this first: where are they getting their eye liners anyway? Haha. I’ve seen lots of emo boys today. It’s already kinda passe but yes, they’re still existing. I used to think they’re just HARDCORE ROCK LOVERS only to realize they are actually just HARCORE LOVERS without the ROCK. I mean seriously. They will cut god-knows-whatever part of their body just for the person who broke their hearts. And oh, they can sometimes be just HARDCORE. Tats and piercings? Who wouldn’t be? Perfect combination for eyesore hardcore. Going back, most of the CONFIRMED straight guys I ask tell me they would never risk combing EYELINER, BANGS and ILL-TIGHT-FITTING JEANS. Yes. Not a good combination they say. Enough for me to conclude that emo boys are closet gays. What do you think?


CHARACTER/S: middle aged kids who didn’t pass first grade because they dunno how to spell
STORY: domination!

ZOMG. What’s happening? I thought POKEMONS were just cartoons? Hahaha. Kidding. Whoever invented this jejemon thingy, two words for you: P*SS OFF!

I really dont get the reason why this kids make complicated things even more complicated, like texting. Oh well, it’s not complicated actually. But for people who actaully grew up in the 70s to 80s, and yes, I’m talking about my parents, IT IS COMPLICATED. Before, I used to text them like this:

“Pop, bka po gbihin aq ng uwi. Gud nyt po!”

they will tell me that they can’t understand what I’ve texted them. Think about this situation: IMAGINE I AM A JEJEMON.

“Pf4hp vb4bakuhh pf4ho gh4vbhih33n aqhkwo n4nhg u4w33e. Gh44hd nhiqhtz pfohw.”

On this scenario, i know I’ll have less chance of going home late. Hahah. My parents might even have migraine or worse, heart attack. Imagine that.

And it doesn’t stop there. At first, there’s just JEJEMON. Now there are JEJEBUSTERS, JEJEFENDERS, JEJECAPS. GAWD. What’s next? JEJEMONSTERS?
I hope not.

Well, that’s it for now. I gotta go and sort some things for work later.


  1. So interesting! I people watch too…some of my stories come directly from it!

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