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Hey HUN.

Sorry if i was not able to update you with things lately.

Well, just to cut the long story short, I’ve been through lotsa things this past few days.

I’ll just highlight the last part, which I think tops everything.

I’m opening up my heart again. For the nth time, i know. Well I believe this one’s two years in the making. He’s been there for more than 2 years already but we were not given the chance to talk to each other because of lots of things. NOT UNTIL LAST NIGHT.

I invited him over for a late dinner. I cooked pasta (dunno what to call it. It’s penne, then for the sauce, I combined eggplants with tuna then olive oil and some spices). He brought red wine.

He actually arrived 1.5 hours late from the scheduled time but my cooking is also kinda late so that’s fine. Well, while cooking, he’s just browsing my laptop and we’re talking. I told him we have lots of catching up to do. So we did not wasted time. He opened up his experiences with his last boyfriends. I did the same. Well, it’s hard to top their 1 year six months relationship (let me just keep that story between us two.)

Everything was fine, he actually had some plans that night (he’s going to Malate with friends), but I insisted that he should stay. With all honesty, I really missed him. I dunno what to feel, I was just staring at him the entire time he was talking. I don’t know if he noticed. This should’ve happened two years ago, I thought. Well it’s the past so let’s not linger much on that. I was really plain happy last night. Oh, happy is an understatement. I was overjoyed. Do you know the feeling of being genuinely happy? It’s like you don’t have to be anyone else in front of him? You just act like your normal self, that you don’t need to impress him with anything? Well that’s how I felt last night. Thanks to him.

After the dinner, we decided to open the bottle of red wine he brought only to realize I don’t have any freaking corkscrew. Hahaha. He actually opened the bottle using a scissor. I told him it was an achievement. And he should write that down on his diary. Kidding. We drank the whole bottle. Just the two of us. After that? What will you expect from two half-drunk guys? Lots of goofing around. Hahaha. We cracked-up the corniest jokes. Laughed like there’s no tomorrow. We’re just so happy. Well, I am and I hope he is too. =)

We dozed off around 4am and woke up around 6:30 because he is craving for Jollibee and he needs to go home. Sunday morning has never felt this beautiful. We went to Jollibee-Exportbank. We saw a marathon along Buendia and I invited him to join me on a marathon soon (you know I really wanna join right?). We ate and even had a free ubersized wallet care of the Philippine Star/ Coke. After that, I walked him to the taxi stand and then he was on his way home.

While walking home, I realized we never changed, we were still the same persons we used to be. He’s still emoNemo, i’m still Eros. But one’s things for sure, the moment I saw him that night, my memory brought me back the first time I saw him. Back then, he never knew I had feelings for him.

If there’s one thing in the list of my experience that i should take note of, it’s to expect less. In that way, though you’ll be hurt, it won’t hurt that much. Right now, I’m not expecting anything, but I’m somehow hoping.

Here’s to hoping! CHEERS!


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