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Well, this is the first time that I am gonna do a list on my top ten favorite guys this year.
Please do not react as this is my opinion everything is subjective. LOL =)
However, if you have any suggestions, feel free to comment or leave something on the comment box.


This host of “MAKE ME A SUPERMODEL” hottie is not only Man of the year way back in 1995, he is also named as one of the “50 Most Beautiful Person in the world”. Talk about hot chocolate.


Though his short appearance on his debut film (Wilde) was not well acclaimed, his award winning stint on big screen movies The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Pirates of the Caribbean elevated him to where he is right now. Not to mention his unending list of awards which include Teen Choice Award, European Film Awards, Hollywood Film Awards and, oh, did I mention it’s a long list?


Award Winning Canadian Choreographer and is a guest judge on one of America’s top reality show So You Think You Can Dance. He choreographed Hannah Montana, The Jonas Brothers, The L Word, and would you believe Scooby Doo? Just how versatile can he get? Hot.


This hottie started his football career when he was only 17. Can you believe that? He played for Manchester United then for Real Madrid and currently for Los Angeles Galaxy. (Dont be amazed, i just read that from his website. =p ) This guy really have everything, from endorsements, a beautiful family (Posh spice is really lucky to sleep with this guy every night) and would you believe, his leg is insured for $100 MILLION?

6. RCR

He used to be someone special to me. I dont want issues so dont bother asking. He’s on the list because I want him to be there. Again, it’s my list so don’t argue with me. PEACE. =)


When someone asks me who the Bo-Next-Door for me is, I usually tell them: “ARE YOU NOT WATCHING GOSSIP GIRL? GAWD.” LOL. Well his role as Tyler on his movie The Covenant is a must see for his fans. Plus his Nate Archibald role on Gossip Girl makes girls like you and guys like me drool. Not hot enough? Time for you to get contacts. Too bad.


Are you a fan of Christina Aguilera? Yes? Then you might’ve recognized him on Xtina’s video, What A Girl Wants. This hottie-hot-hot guy should be on everyone’s top ten too. Hahaha. Well after his Superman stint, haven’t seen any other movie of him yet. HELLO HOLLYWOOD? Blind eh?


John Tucker must Die, The Twilight Zone and the Bedford Diaries are just some of the movies where he played a role. Besides his pornstar material looks, he is really oozing with hot appeal. Talk about the Humphrey guys. Still don’t know what Im talking about? Watch Gossip Girl! For sure, you’ll go loco on one of the boys.


Would you believe this hunk started his career when he was 6? Remember Air Bud? The dog who plays basketball? He’s been the star of all Air Bud movies. And besides his numerous movies, what I can’t forget about him is his role on It’s a Boy-Girl thing and his show-off in Transamerica. He has been nominated for several roles and won two including Best Performance in a Feature Film — Leading Young Actor for Air Bud and has already won in the Cannes Film Festival. Nice. I just can’t get over him. =)


Has been a model of L.A. Models (Runway Division) & Front Management in Miami and is now one of the front runners of Nous Model Management and L.A. Model Management, both in Los Angeles. Helen’s face can launch a thousand ships but Jonathan’s look can make millions of women (and gays) drool. I really can’t say anything bad about him. The way he handled himself on the show Make Me A Supermodel (though he didn’t win) is how a model should behave. You go J! =)

  1. vhen says:

    i think tyson shud atleast belong to the top 5 🙂
    lol. i like his show.. 🙂 and i think he luks nice and elegant there 🙂
    good list right there 🙂

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