Posted: November 13, 2009 in REVIEWS
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But I felt that most of us in the world today gave priority to our personal interests.Paul Hoffman, American writer and television presenter.


With a random conversation with my housemate Sunday, we came across talking about priorities in life. I realized that most of the time, we have so much priorities that majority of them were just left behind, or, if not, forgotten.

Think about your priorities now. What you want to be in five years, what you want to buy on your next payday, what you want to do on your next rest day. Too many eh? Well what about for your family? For your special someone? For your friends? Have you realized, in one case or another, you have taken them for granted or have forgotten them just to achieve the priorities you thought were important. Well, I am no perfect. Been there too. Sacrificed lots of things just to get what I want.

As what Mr. Hoffman said, most of the things we do today is connected and gives priority to our personal interests. We seldom think of what the outcome of our decisions will be. We think that what’s important is, how can that decision affect our lives. We even reach to a point were we think that the universe revolves around us (for some people I know, they think about this is how things operate) and eventually hurt the people closest to us. I’ve experienced this before. Im not the one making the decisions though. I was the one being underappreciated and was taken for granted. Imaginge my frustration. You helped that person so much without knowing that the person is just using you for their own good. Well, the hell with them. Karma’s a bitch and it’ll come knocking on their door on way or another. Okay enough with my experience.

Getting back to priorities in life, we may think that one thing is important and the other’s not. Think again, ask yourself. “Do I really need this at the moment, or can I live without this thing and just continue on pursuing my bigger priorities in life?” Then that’s the time for you to decide. Makes sense? No? Just random stuffs.




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