Posted: November 2, 2009 in Uncategorized

Let’s talk about love.

I believe it is one of the few things that all people feel.

May it be love for oneself, your family, God or whatever.

But this time, let me focus about loving your better half.

Love isn’t really a very nice thing ( I guess).

You’re in heaven when you’re on it but ironically, you can also feel hell.

Been there done that.

Experienced everything, if not, most of the things.

Cheated, lied, back-stabbed. Who didn’t?

You’ll just be in bad luck when karma comes knocking on your door.

Karma’s digital, most of my friends say.

To cut the chase, I’m in love my friends.

I am. Or I think I am.

But everything is still budding.

Nothing that serious though.

Not sure if he’ll take me seriously.

I’ll try  adjust though.

If he wants this game, I’m willing to play it and risk all possible bets.

He is the one time shot I’ve been waiting for, for the last seven months

I need him so bad for my life to be normal again.

And by normal, I mean having him as a part of my system.

I know he’s worth the risk. He’s worth the wait. He’s worth everything I am.

Knock knock.

love game


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